“Running on Empty” quotes

Movie Running on Empty
Sidney Lumet directed this movie in 1988
Title Running on Empty
Year 1988
Director Sidney Lumet
Genre Drama, Crime, Romance, Music
Interpreted by
Plot – Arthur and Annie Pope have been living in hiding for the past fifteen years, moving from one state to another, evading the police, always with fictitious names and bogus documents. Arthur and Annie met in the turbulent 1960s when they were in the streets protesting against the Vietnam War: he more violent in word than in action, she inclined to cultivate ideals of social justice and brotherhood. One day they found themselves involved in an assault on a napalm store, where unfortunately there was a guard who was wounded and mutilated. The couple, who at the time had one small child, is once again on the run along with their two sons, Danny and Harris, their second child, who is now ten. The four are in fact in a bind, living discretely, and in a state of suspicion, hiding their names and personalities as best they can.
All actors – Christine Lahti, River Phoenix, Judd Hirsch, Jonas Abry, Martha Plimpton, Ed Crowley, L.M. Kit Carson, Steven Hill, Augusta Dabney, David Margulies, Lynne Thigpen, Marcia Jean Kurtz
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