“Father of the Bride” quotes

Movie Father of the Bride
Vincente Minnelli directed this movie in 1950
Title Father of the Bride
Year 1950
Director Vincente Minnelli
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – Cay Banks has decided to marry her boyfriend, Buckley Herbert. Everything seems to be perfect, as a matter of fact their parents have met and have given their consent. Some troubles in the Banks family emerge when they have to organize the wedding. Stanley Banks, who isn't very rich, wants a simple ceremony. The future husband wants to get married in a church, but Mr. Banks disagrees until he remembers how much her wife would have loved to marry in a church dressed in a beautiful white dress. In order to avoid paying a lot of money for the ceremony, Stanley suggest his daughter to run away with his spouse and marry in secret.
All actors – Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett, Elizabeth Taylor, Don Taylor, Billie Burke, Leo G. Carroll, Moroni Olsen, Melville Cooper, Taylor Holmes, Paul Harvey, Frank Orth, Russ Tamblyn, Tom Irish, Marietta Canty, , Richard Alexander, Don Anderson, William Bailey, Fay Baker, Lucile Barnes, Oliver Blake, Lillian Bronson, Joe Brown Jr., Frank Cady, Aileen Carlyle, Carleton Carpenter, Gene Coogan, Paul Cristo, Oliver Cross, Lucille Curtis, Roy Damron, Boyd Davis, Chris Drake, Jacqueline Duval, Ella Ethridge, Estelle Etterre, Betty Farrington, Janey Fay, Charles Ferguson, Bess Flowers, Edward Gargan, Mickey Golden, Herschel Graham, William E. Greene, William Haade, Sherry Hall, Bradford Hatton, Jim Hayward, Thomas Browne Henry, Stuart Holmes, Art Howard, Frank Hyers, Walter Kelley, Ann Kunde, Peggy Leon, Beverly Luff, Billy Mahan, Thomas Martin, Paul Maxey, Mickey McCardle, Philo McCullough, Russell Meeker, Harold Miller, Patricia Miller, Roger Moore, Sol Murgi, Forbes Murray, William H. O'Brien, Gil Perkins, Ralph Peters, Lee Phelps, Dorothy Phillips, William 'Bill' Phillips, Frank Richards, Dewey Robinson, Fred Santley, Cosmo Sardo, Scott Seaton, Erin Selwyn, Charles Smith, Mary Jane Smith, Douglas Spencer, Harry Stanton, Larry Steers, Brick Sullivan, Floyd Taylor, Peter M. Thompson, Nancy Valentine, Wendy Waldron, Johnny Walsh, Willard Waterman, Dick Wessel, Jeff York
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  • “Right then I knew we'd lost her. She'll always love us of course, but not in the old way. From now on her love will be handed out like a farmer's wife tossing scraps to the family rooster.”

    Spencer Tracy - Stanley T. Banks
  • “Oh, Stanley. I don't know how to explain. A wedding. A church wedding. Well it's, it's what every girl dreams of. A bridal dress, the orange blossoms, the music. It's something lovely to remember all the rest of her life. And something for us to remember too.”

    Joan Bennett - Ellie Banks
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  • “I would like to say a few words about weddings. I've just been through one. Not my own. My daughter's. Someday in the far future I may be able to remember it with tender indulgence, but not now. I always used to think that marriages were a simple affair. Boy meets girl. Fall in love. They get married. Have babies. Eventually the babies grow up...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Spencer Tracy - Stanley T. Banks