Cyd Charisse movie quotes

Immagine di Cyd Charisse
Identikit and personal data
Tula Ellice
Last name
Cyd Charisse
March 8, 1921
June 17, 2008
North American
actor, dancer
Zodiac sign
Cyd Charisse movie quotes, phrases and lines
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Cyd Charisse quotes
  • “- Maria Corvier: I just wanted to know how you feel about ballet?
    - Chuck Rodwell: What?
    - Maria Corvier: Ballet.
    - Chuck Rodwell: Oh, ballet, Oh, I can take it or leave it. Of course, I haven't seen you, yet.
    - Maria Corvier: You certainly haven't.”

    Cyd Charisse - Maria Corvier
    Dan Dailey - Chuck Rodwell
  • “- Gabrielle Gerard: Tony, can you and I really dance together?
    - Tony Hunter: I don't know. Let's find out.”

    Cyd Charisse - Gabrielle Gerard
    Fred Astaire - Tony Hunter
    [Tag:dancing, sharing]
  • “- Pierre: May I join the celebration? I'll take the check and leave with the check; of course, after drinking your health in champagne. If they have champagne in Las Vegas?
    - Maria Corvier: They have everything in Las Vegas.”

    Paul Henreid - Pierre
    Cyd Charisse - Maria Corvier
    [Tag:champagne, party]
  • “- Maria Corvier: Could we dance? Just for a minute, I've never danced with anyone, except professionally.
    - Chuck Rodwell: Bunny, it occurs to me there's an awful lot of things you've never done.
    - Maria Corvier: You have no idea. In fact, I had no idea. And I'd like to do every single one of them tonight.”

    Cyd Charisse - Maria Corvier
    Dan Dailey - Chuck Rodwell
  • “I thought it'd be fun to have a little fun! You know, talk and dance and - talk.”
    Cyd Charisse - Maria Corvier
  • “- Chuck Rodwell: Look, baby!
    - Maria Corvier: Please stop calling me baby or honey or bunny!
    - Chuck Rodwell: I'm sorry, I don't know your name.
    - Maria Corvier: I don't want you to!”

    Dan Dailey - Chuck Rodwell
    Cyd Charisse - Maria Corvier
    [Tag:name, privacy]
  • “- Pierre: Ah, it isn't so difficult. It isn't as if you had to be cooperative and reasonable like a normal human being. You're a ballerina. You're not supposed to be normal.
    - Maria Corvier: Nobody is normal in Las Vegas!”

    Paul Henreid - Pierre
    Cyd Charisse - Maria Corvier
  • - Sari Hatvany: "Pierre says, Pierre says, says, says." Since you are 14, Pierre is always saying. Isn't it time you say a few words yourself?
    - Maria Corvier: You're the one who's always saying, "Listen to Pierre. A ballerina shouldn't think."

    Lili Darvas - Sari Hatvany
    Cyd Charisse - Maria Corvier
  • “- Maria Corvier: While I'm dancing, people will be eating?
    - Tom Culdane: Well, after all, how much noise do people make eating?
    - Maria Corvier: Crunching celery, drinking soup, talking. Oh, no, Mr. Culdane, I'm sorry, it's impossible.”

    Cyd Charisse - Maria Corvier
    Jim Backus - Tom Culdane
    [Tag:dancing, eating, noise]