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Movie Gigi
Vincente Minnelli directed this movie in 1958
Title Gigi
Year 1958
Directors Vincente Minnelli, Charles Walters
Genre Comedy, Musical, Romance
Plot – Gigi is the daughter of a singer but she's entrusted to her grandmother and an aunt. The two women hide a past as prostitutes and intend to start Gigi to the same profession. Although she grows up in that environment, Gigi maintains a honest and spontaneous character, until her aunt and grandmother find her a patron, Gaston Lacaille, who leads a luxurious life and doesn't feel comfortable in that world. With Gigi he can be himself and soon they fall in love. As he imagines her future as a prostitute, he asks her to marry.
All actors – Leslie Caron, Maurice Chevalier, Louis Jourdan, Hermione Gingold, Eva Gabor, Jacques Bergerac, Isabel Jeans, John Abbott, Marie-Hélène Arnaud, Jack Ary, Daniel Aubé, Richard Bean, Cecil Beaton, Jacques Bertrand, Paul Cristo, Hubert de Lapparent, Cilly Feindt, Edwin Jerome, Corinne Marchand, Maurice Marsac, Anne-Marie Mersen, Bernard Musson, Dorothy Neumann, Jean Ozenne, Maruja Plose, Roger Saget, Pat Sheehan, Marilyn Simms, Lydia Stevens, Jack Trevan, François Valorbe, Monique van Vooren, Betty Wand, Leroy Winebrenner
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  • “Youth is the thing, Gaston. Youth. Stay close to the young and a little rubs off.”
    Maurice Chevalier - Honoré Lachaille
  • “- Gaston Lachaille: I must consider my next move very carefully. All of Paris is watching me.
    - Madame Alvarez: Gaston, what are you talking about? The whole world is watching you!”

    Louis Jourdan - Gaston Lachaille
    Hermione Gingold - Madame Alvarez
  • “Without knowledge of jewelery, my dear Gigi, a woman is lost.”
    Isabel Jeans - Aunt Alicia
    [Tag:jewels, women]
  • “- Aunt Alicia: Love is eternal spring in an eternal garden!
    - Madame Alvarez: And when eternal spring is over?”

    Isabel Jeans - Aunt Alicia
    Hermione Gingold - Madame Alvarez
    [Tag:end, love, spring]
  • “- Gigi: Do you make love all the time?
    - Gaston Lachaille: I beg your pardon?
    - Gigi: Do you make love all the time, Gaston?
    - Gaston Lachaille: Certainly not! The only people who make love all the time are liars.”

    Leslie Caron - Gigi
    Louis Jourdan - Gaston Lachaille
  • “- Aunt Alicia: Did you work hard in school today? What did you study?
    - Gigi: History. Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo.
    - Aunt Alicia: How depressing. What else?
    - Gigi: English.
    - Aunt Alicia: English? I suppose we must. They refuse to learn French.”

    Isabel Jeans - Aunt Alicia
    Leslie Caron - Gigi
  • “- Honore Lachaille: I have to tell you... your parents bore me to death.
    - Gaston Lachaille: Me too.
    - Honore Lachaille: But I've known them longer, so they've been boring me longer.”

    Maurice Chevalier - Honoré Lachaille
    Louis Jourdan - Gaston Lachaille
    [Tag:boredom, parents]
  • “Marriage is not forbidden to us, but instead of getting married at once, it sometimes happens we get married at last.”
    Isabel Jeans - Aunt Alicia
  • “- Madame Alvarez: How was Monte Carlo?
    - Gaston Lachaille: It was a bore!
    - Madame Alvarez: One has to be as rich as you are, Gaston, to be bored at Monte Carlo.”

    Hermione Gingold - Madame Alvarez
    Louis Jourdan - Gaston Lachaille
    [Tag:boredom, place, wealth]
  • Bad table manners, my dear Gigi, have broken up more households than infidelity.”
    Isabel Jeans - Aunt Alicia
    [Tag:habit, marriage]
  • “- Aunt Alicia: Love, my dear Gigi, is a thing of beauty like a work of art, and like a work of art it is created by artists. The greater the artist the greater the art. And what makes an artist?
    - Gigi: Cigars and jewelry?
    - Aunt Alicia: Gigi, you're from another planet.”

    Isabel Jeans - Aunt Alicia
    Leslie Caron - Gigi
    [Tag:art, love, vice]