“Force of Evil” quotes

Movie Force of Evil
Title Force of Evil
Year 1948
Director Abraham Polonsky
Genre Drama, Crime, Film-Noir
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Plot – Joe Morse is a young and ambitious Wall Street lawyer who works for an entrepreneur linked to the mob. Morse and his boss plan to take over the entire racket, but soon Joe learns his boss is planning to dismiss him. When his brother Leo is killed, Joe has to deal with his own consciousness.
All actors – John Garfield, Thomas Gomez, Marie Windsor, Howland Chamberlain, Roy Roberts, Paul Fix, Stanley Prager, Barry Kelley, Paul McVey, Beatrice Pearson, Murray Alper, Jessie Arnold, Sam Ash, Georgia Backus, Margaret Bert, Larry J. Blake, Mildred Boyd, Beau Bridges, Ralph Brooks, John Butler, Douglas Carter, William Challee, Cliff Clark, Eileen Coghlan, Roger Cole, John 'Uh huh' Collum, Barbara Combs, Betty Corner, Bert Davidson, Jim Davies, Jan Dennis, Jim Drum, Ann Duncan, Jimmie Dundee, Ralph Dunn, Jay Eaton, Helen Eby-Rock, Richard Elmore, Estelle Etterre, Charles Evans, Budd Fine, Joel Fluellen, Paul Frees, David Fresco, Dick Gordon, Sherry Hall, Chuck Hamilton, Bert Hanlon, Carl Hanson, Ray Hirsch, Ray Hyke, John Indrisano, Perry Ivins, Milton Kibbee, Jack Lambert, Raymond Largay, Will Lee, George Magrill, Allen Mathews, Mickey McGuire, David McKim, Bill Neff, Paul Newlan, William H. O'Brien, Arthur O'Connell, Frank O'Connor, Jack Overman, Edward Peil Sr., Frank Pharr, Joey Ray, Bob Reeves, Richard Reeves, Shimen Ruskin, Tim Ryan, Louise Saraydar, Carl Saxe, Carl Sklover, Cap Somers, Esther Somers, Bob Stebbins, Diane Stewart, Barbara Stone, Robert Strong, Brick Sullivan, Sid Tomack, Jim Toney, Phil Tully, Max Wagner, Joe Warfield, Stanley Waxman, Mervin Williams, Robert Williams, Bud Wiser, Barbara Woodell
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  • “Joe, you usually know what you're doing. But it's one thing to represent Tucker legally - as his lawyer, I mean. I mean, it's the business of lawyers to protect a lot of people. They even teach that at Harvard.”
    Paul McVey - Hobe Wheelock
    [Tag:job, lawyers]
  • “A man could spend the rest of his life trying to remember what he shouldn't have said.”
    Marie Windsor - Edna Tucker
  • “- Joe Morse: If you need a broken man to love, break your husband. I'm not a nickel, I don't spend my life in a telephone! If that's what you want for love, you can't use me.
    - Edna Tucker: You're not strong or weak enough.”

    John Garfield - Joe Morse
    Marie Windsor - Edna Tucker
    [Tag:love, men, personality]
  • “I didn't have enough strength to resist corruption, but I was strong enough to fight for a piece of it.”
    John Garfield - Joe Morse
  • “You tell me the story of your life and maybe I can suggest a happy ending.”

    John Garfield - Joe Morse
  • “- Leo Morse: The money I made in this rotten business is no good for me, Joe. I don't want it back. And Tucker's money is no good either.
    - Joe Morse: The money has no moralopinions.
    - Leo Morse: I find I have, Joe. I find I have.”

    Thomas Gomez - Leo Morse
    John Garfield - Joe Morse
    [Tag:money, morality]