“Freaked” quotes

Movie Freaked
Title Freaked
Year 1993
Directors Tom Stern, Alex Winter
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy
Plot – Actor Ricky Coogin is an EES agent in South America tasked to sell 'Zygron 24', a deadly mutagen. He goes with his friend Ernie to Santa Flan and with Julie, an ecologist, they visit a kind of amusement park with living monsters. The director of the place is a mad scientist, Elijah Skug, who blends together Ernie and Julie into a hermaphrodite with two heads. The amusement park is a lager indeed and hosts other monsters like a dog-man, a worm-man, a nose-man, a bearded woman, etcetera.
All actors – Brooke Shields, William Sadler, Eduardo Ricard, Henry Carbo, Deep Roy, Mihaly 'Michu' Meszaros, Brian Brophy, Michael Stoyanov, Morgan Fairchild, Alex Zuckerman, Megan Ward, Randy Quaid
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