“Heavy” quotes

Movie Heavy
James Mangold directed this movie in 1995
Title Heavy
Year 1995
Director James Mangold
Genre Drama, Romance
All actors – Pruitt Taylor Vince, Shelley Winters, Liv Tyler, Deborah Harry, Joe Grifasi, Evan Dando, David Patrick Kelly, Marian Quinn, Meg Hartig, Zandy Hartig, Peter Ortel, George Alvarez, Cordis Heard, J.C. MacKenzie, Allan D'Arcangelo, Vince Parenti, Dennis Prager
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  • “- Victor Modino: Can't you be nicer to her?
    - Delores: Nice? Did you hear what she said to me?
    - Victor Modino: You don't have to be nice... just nicer.”

    Pruitt Taylor Vince - Victor Modino
    Debbie Harry - Delores
  • “You're as big as an ox and no one sees you. I am the same way, I am loud and no one hears me, but when I whisper everyone looks around like something happened.”
    David Patrick Kelly - Grey Man in Hospital
  • “- Dolly Modino: You mustn't skip breakfast. It's the most imp... important meal.
    - Victor Modino: I'm fat, ma.
    - Dolly Modino: You are not fat, you are not. Honey, you're husky, you're... you're well-built, you're macho!
    - Victor Modino: I am fat, ma!”

    Shelley Winters - Dolly Modino
    Pruitt Taylor Vince - Victor Modino
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