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  • “I think I'd like to be remembered as someone who beat the odds through just plain determination... that I persevered. Because I think that being somewhat of a pest to life, constantly plaguing and pursuing, will bring results.”
    Sylvester Stallone
  • “I want revenge. I want them to know that death is coming, and there is nothing they can do to stop it.”
    Sylvester Stallone - John Rambo
  • “- Rico: I'm the only one who ever loved you.
    - Judge Dredd: I'll be the judge of that.”

    Armand Assante - Rico
    Sylvester Stallone - Judge Dredd
    [Tag:judgment, love]
  • “- Eclipse: Tell me, what put you in the joint in the first place?
    - Frank: Well, one night these punks broke into the garage and put a beating on old man Galetti. The whole neighborhood knew about it. The cops knew about it. But I guess these punks were connected, so the cops didn't do anything and I did. So after all the smoke had cleared,...” (continue)
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    Frank McRae - Eclipse
    Sylvester Stallone - Frank
  • “Once in one's life, for one mortal moment, one must make a grab for immortality; if not, one has not lived.”
    Sylvester Stallone
  • “- Trautman: You did everything to make this private war happen. You've done enough damage. This mission is over, Rambo. Do you understand me? This mission is over! Look at them out there! Look at them! If you won't end this now, they will kill you. Is that what you want? It's over Johnny. It's over!
    - Rambo: Nothing is over! Nothing! You just...” (continue)
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    Richard Crenna - Trautman
    Sylvester Stallone - Rambo
    [Tag:end, killing, war]
  • “I've lived in a world of death. I've watched people I've loved die. Some fast with a bullet, some not enough left to bury. All these years I've kept my secrets, but the time has come to face my past. And if they come looking for me, they will welcome death.”
    Sylvester Stallone - Rambo
    [Tag:death, past, secrets]
  • “All the ones I've loved are now ghosts. But I will fight to keep their memory alive forever.”
    Sylvester Stallone - Rambo
    [Tag:loss, memory]
  • “He's just a man... be more a man than him.”

    Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Balboa
  • “You know what you are... what you're made of. War is in your blood. Don't fight it. You didn't kill for your country.
    You killed for yourself. God's never gonna make that go away. When you're pushed, killing's as easy as breathing.”

    Sylvester Stallone - John Rambo
  • “Rambo? Rambo's a pussy.”
    Sylvester Stallone - Lt. Raymond Tango
    [Tag:actors, movie]
  • “You're the disease, and I'm the cure.”

    Sylvester Stallone - Lieutenant Marion 'Cobra' Cobretti
    [Tag:crime, disease, safety]
  • “- John Rambo: Go live your life 'cause you've got a good one.
    - Sarah: It's what I'm trying to do.
    - John Rambo: No, what you're trying to do is change what is.
    - Sarah: And what is?
    - John Rambo: That we're like animals! It's in the blood! It's natural! Peace? That's an accident!
    It's what is! When you're pushed, killing's as easy as...” (continue)
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    Sylvester Stallone - John Rambo
    Julie Benz - Sarah
  • “- Rocky Balboa: How did you get so tough?
    - Adrian: I live with a fighter.”

    Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Balboa
    Talia Shire - Adrian
  • “- Night Slasher: You want to go to hell? Huh, pig? You want to go to hell with me? It doesn't matter, does it? We are the hunters. We kill the weak so the strong survive. You can't stop the new world. Your filthy society will never get rid of people like us. It's breeding them! We are the future!
    - Lieutenant Marion 'Cobra' Cobretti: No!
    [aims...” (continue)
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    Brian Thompson - Night Slasher
    Sylvester Stallone - Lieutenant Marion 'Cobra' Cobretti
    [Tag:crime, future, history]
  • “- George Washington Duke: C’mon, punk. Touch me and I'll sue.
    [Rocky uppercuts Duke]
    - Rocky Balboa: Sue me for what?”

    Richard Gant - George Washington Duke
    Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Balboa
  • “It ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!”
    Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Balboa
  • “Poole was right! You are an ox and a moron!”

    Sylvester Stallone - Angelo 'Snaps' Provolone
  • “- Judge Hershey: Wouldn't it feel good to have an emotion once in a while, huh?
    - Judge Dredd: Emotions... there ought to be a law against them.”

    Diane Lane - Judge Hershey
    Sylvester Stallone - Judge Dredd
  • “The older I get the more things I gotta leave behind, that's life.”
    Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Balboa
    [Tag:aging, past]
  • “- Col. Samuel Trautman: You don't belong here, why don't you come back with me?
    - Rambo: Back to what? My friends died here, and a piece of me did too.
    - Col. Samuel Trautman: The war, the whole conflict may have been wrong, but damn it, don't hate your country for it.
    - Rambo: Hate? I'd die for it.
    - Col. Samuel Trautman: Then what is it you...” (continue)
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    Richard Crenna - Col. Samuel Trautman
    Sylvester Stallone - Rambo
  • “My contribution to birth control.”

    Sylvester Stallone - Lt. Raymond Tango
  • “- Judge Hershey: Haven't you... haven't you ever had a friend?
    - Judge Dredd: Yes. Once.
    - Judge Hershey: What happened? Dredd? I want to know, what happened?
    - Judge Dredd: I judged him.”

    Diane Lane - Judge Hershey
    Sylvester Stallone - Judge Dredd
    [Tag:friends, judgment]
  • “Going in one more round when you don't think you can, that's what makes all the difference in your life.”
    Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Balboa
  • “- Duke: What's happening out there?
    - Rocky Balboa: He's winning... I see three of him out there!
    - Paulie: Hit the one in the middle.
    - Duke: Right! Hit the one in the middle.”

    Tony Burton - Duke
    Sylvester Stallone - Rocky Balboa
    Burt Young - Paulie
    [Tag:fighting, winning]