“House of Wax” quotes

Movie House of Wax
Title House of Wax
Director André De Toth
Genre Horror
Interpreted by
Plot – Professor Henry Jarrod and his partner Matthew Burke have founded a Wax Museum that portrays some famous people, but, unfortunately, business is not good. In order to get some money from the insurance company, Matthew decides to destroy the building and all the statues. Trying to save his work, Jarrod gets badly burnt and, after getting revenge on his former partner, decides to rebuild the museum, and this time he uses corpses. When a girl realizes that the statue of Joan of Arc has the face of one of her friends, Jarrod tries to kill her.
All actors – Vincent Price, Frank Lovejoy, Phyllis Kirk, Carolyn Jones, Paul Picerni, Roy Roberts, Angela Clarke, Paul Cavanagh, Dabbs Greer, Charles Bronson, Reggie Rymal, , Oliver Blake, Joanne Brown, Steve Carruthers, Leo Curley, Frank Ferguson, Darwin Greenfield, Stuart Hall, Mary Lou Holloway, Jack Kenney, Mike Lally, Lyle Latell, Richard Lightner, Philo McCullough, Terry Mitchell, Jack Mower, Eddie Parks, Grandon Rhodes, Riza Royce, Norman Stevans, Larri Thomas, Philip Tonge, Merry Townsend, Ruth Warren, Ruth Whitney, Shirley Whitney, Jack Wise, Jack Woody, Trude Wyler, Nedrick Young
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  • “No matter how much we loose you must still go on living.”

    Roy Roberts - Matthew Burke
  • “Jarrod is dead. I'm a reincarnation.”
    Vincent Price - Prof. Henry Jarrod
  • “- Prof. Henry Jarrod: My creations have some merit, I suspect. But in bringing back to life the lovely Marie Antoinette I have done my best work.
    - Sidney Wallace: Ohhhh, I've never seen anything so exquisite.
    - Prof. Henry Jarrod: People say that they can see my Marie Antoinette breathe; that her breast rises and falls. Look at her eyes, they...” (continue)
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    Vincent Price - Prof. Henry Jarrod
    Paul Cavanagh - Sidney Wallace
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  • “It's not easy to shut an actor's mouth.”
    Vincent Price - Prof. Henry Jarrod
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  • “Once in his lifetime, every artist feels the hand of God, and creates something that comes alive.”
    Vincent Price - Prof. Henry Jarrod
  • Here we have Joan of Arc - a favorite subject of mine.”

    Vincent Price - Prof. Henry Jarrod
  • “Everything I ever loved has been taken away from me, but not you, my Marie Antoinette, for I will give you eternal life.”

    Vincent Price - Prof. Henry Jarrod
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  • “To you they are wax, but to me, their creator, they live and breathe.”

    Vincent Price - Prof. Henry Jarrod