“Death Wish V: The Face of Death” quotes

Movie Death Wish V: The Face of Death
Title Death Wish V: The Face of Death
Year 1994
Director Allan A. Goldstein
Genre Drama, Crime, Thriller, Action
Plot – Paul Kersey is no longer a young policeman and promises to keep his gun in the drawer. Lieutenant King, the Attorney Hoyle and Olivia, his girlfriend, believe him, but Tommy O'Shea, Olivia's former husband, kills her to get the custody of their daughter. Kersey is shocked and, furthermore, there are no evidence to arrest O'Shea.
All actors – Charles Bronson, Lesley-Anne Down, Michael Parks, Chuck Shamata, Kevin Lund, Robert Joy, Saul Rubinek, Miguel Sandoval, Kenneth Welsh, Lisa Inouye, Erica Fairfield, Jefferson Mappin, Michael Dunston, Claire Rankin, Sharolyn Sparrow, Anna Starnino, Elena Kudaba, Andrea Mann, Scott Spidell, Tim MacMenamin, Sandro Limotta, Alison Sealy-Smith, Michelle Moffat, Allan A. Goldstein, Marcello Meleca, Tony Meyler, Dougie Richardson, Tova Gallimore, Kimberley Cody, Mikki Greaves, Trish Olsthoorn, Jenni-Leigh Girard, Beverley Anderson, Lisa Heughan, Maxine Elaine, Kendal Hunter, Melissa Illes, Mara Matejic, Elle Patille, Jamie Jones, Alison Reid
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