Reincarnation quotes

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  • “Scottie, do you believe that someone out of the past - someone dead - can enter and take possession of a living being?”
    Tom Helmore - Gavin Elster
  • “- Ephraim Winslow: Say, why is it bad luck to kill a gull?
    - Thomas Wake: In 'em's the souls of sailors what met their maker.”

    Logan Hawkes - Ephraim Winslow
    Willem Dafoe - Thomas Wake
    [Tag:animal, killing, reincarnation]
  • “Jarrod is dead. I'm a reincarnation.”
    Vincent Price - Prof. Henry Jarrod
  • “- Omar: You're between bodies right now. Look, you're a soul, a spirit. The only way to get back is to be reborn. Any problem with that?
    - Louie Jeffries: I guess not.”

    Joe Grifasi - Omar
    Christopher McDonald - Louie Jeffries
    [Tag:body, reincarnation, soul]
  • “- Frank: Wow! Jake, check it out. That's a peregrine falcon.
    - Jake: A peregrine like the headmistress?
    - Frank: Sure... That's probably where Grandpa came up with that whole turning into a bird thing.”

    Chris O'Dowd - Frank
    Asa Butterfield - Jake
    [Tag:birds, parents, reincarnation]
  • “We're all connected. It's all connected under the skin. You never know who's lurking in what body. Your wife could be your Grandmother. You meet some guy who gets on your nerves, probably your mother-in-law. We keep meeting the souls we're attached to. For better or worse, life after life.”
    Susan Ruttan - Woman in the Bookstore
    [Tag:reincarnation, relationships, soul]
  • “- Omar: Boy or a girl?
    - Louie Jeffries: What's that?
    - Omar: You want to be reborn a boy or a girl?
    - Louie Jeffries: No, I don't want to be reborn at all. I want to go home right now.”

    Joe Grifasi - Omar
    Christopher McDonald - Louie Jeffries
    [Tag:gender, reincarnation]
  • “There's nothing in my life to keep me here anymore. I wish I could die and be born again as a bird.”
    Matthew Modine - Birdy
    [Tag:birds, reincarnation]
  • “We were in a Biblical frame of mind on the twenty-third of May 1943, at the Berghof. He had denied himself children because he knew that no son could flourish in the shadow of so godlike a father! But when he heard what was theoretically possible, that I could create one day not his son, not even a carbon-copy but another original, he was...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Gregory Peck - Dr. Josef Mengele
    [Tag:children, nazism, reincarnation]
  • “- Gianelli: I'll use this.
    - Jack McDermott: I have died and been reborn. I can do it again, buster.”

    James Remar - Gianelli
    Peter Boyle - Jack McDermott
    [Tag:reincarnation, weapons]
  • “My mom said she'd always be with me. She chose your mom as a way of coming back, but I guess it would be hard for you to understand that. But it's true. She's my mother now.”

    Elijah Wood - Mark
    [Tag:mother, reincarnation]
  • “Sometimes I wonder why I worry about past lives at all. I'm having so much trouble with this one. When you remember your past lives, it's like, your emotions get spread like a dangling nerve all over the map. It makes it very hard to live.”
    Susan Ruttan - Woman in the Bookstore
    [Tag:emotion, past, reincarnation]