“Penguins of Madagascar” quotes

Movie Penguins of Madagascar
Eric Darnell directed this movie in 2014
Title Penguins of Madagascar
Year 2014
Directors Eric Darnell, Simon J. Smith
Genre Comedy, Adventure, Family, Animation
Plot – Penguins of Madagascar is a 2014 American computer-animated spy action comedy film and a spin-off of the Madagascar franchise. It takes place directly after the events of Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (2012) and follows the penguins Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private as they join forces with the North Wind intelligence agency to stop the octopus Dr. Octavius Brine, who seeks revenge on all penguins across the world for being upstaged by capturing them. Will the fearless friends stop the mad scientist's plans?
All actors – Tom McGrath, Chris Miller, Christopher Knights, Conrad Vernon, John Malkovich, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ken Jeong, Annet Mahendru, Peter Stormare, Andy Richter, Danny Jacobs, Sean Charmatz, Werner Herzog, Stephen Kearin, Kelly Cooney, Susan Fitzer, Chris Sanders, Emily Nordwind, Mike Mitchell, Hope Levy, Walt Dohrn, Jim Pirri, Elizabeth Pan, Jeff Fischer, Stephen Apostolina, Al Rodrigo, Steve Alterman, Carter Hastings, Ava Acres, Cullen McCarthy, Nicholas Guest, Adriano Aragon, Lynnanne Zager, Billy Eichner, Angie Wu, Sean Lew
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