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  • “Begging never gets you anywhere. I say this having spent more time on my knees than any straight man in America.”
    Jon Cryer - Alan Harper
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  • “- Mrs. Alice Evans: What if you went into town and borrowed the money?
    - Dan Evans: You know I hate to go begging for help.
    - Mrs. Alice Evans: Borrowing isn't begging.”

    Leora Dana - Mrs. Alice Evans
    Van Heflin - Dan Evans
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  • “How do you talk things through with someone who has conversations with the Virgin Mary?”

    Alex Jennings - Alan Bennett
    [Tag:anger, beggars, madness]
  • “Mary, as you call her, is a bigoted, blinkered, cantankerous, devious, unforgiving, self-serving, rank, rude, car-mad cow, which is to say nothing of her flying feces and her ability to extrude from her withered buttocks turds of such force, that they land a yard from the back of the van and their presumed point of exit.”
    Alex Jennings - Alan Bennett
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  • - McBainbridge: I'm giving you two weeks to get things moving or you're history.
    - Ricky: Wait a second. First of all, two weeks? You gotta give me a little more time than that.
    - McBainbridge: Hold it! Hold it right there! Right there. Every day on the way to work, I pass a dozen guys carrying signs: "Homeless family will work for food"... (continue)
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    Robert Loggia - McBainbridge
    Jeff Goldblum - Ricky
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  • “You are too hot to beg.”

    Solange Knowles - Camille
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  • “- Market Trader: Isn't it an especially lovely day sweetheart?
    - Miss Shepherd: Don't sweetheart me! I'm a sick woman. Dying possibly!
    - Market Trader: Chin up love. We all got to go sometime ... [under his breath] Smells like you already have.”

    James Corden - Market Trader
    Maggie Smith - Miss Shepherd
    [Tag:beggars, death, sarcasm]
  • “- Miss Shepherd: Mr Bennett. These young men who leave in the small hours... I know who they are.
    - Alan Bennett: [under his breath] Oh, Jesus.
    - Miss Shepherd: They're Communists!”

    Maggie Smith - Miss Shepherd
    Alex Jennings - Alan Bennett
    [Tag:beggars, communism, madness]
  • “- Rufus: Sorry, you can't park here.
    - Miss Shepherd: No, I've had guidance. This is where it should go.
    - Rufus: Guidance? Who from?
    - Miss Shepherd: The Virgin Mary. I spoke to her yesterday. She was outside the post office.
    - Rufus: What does she know about parking?”

    Roger Allam - Rufus
    Maggie Smith - Miss Shepherd
    [Tag:beggars, religion, sarcasm]
  • “- Caroline Wakefield: What's Washington like?
    - Robert Wakefield: What's Washington like? Well its like Calcutta, surrounded by beggars. The only difference is the beggars in Washington wear fifteen hundred dollar suits and they don't say please or thank you.”

    Erika Christensen - Caroline Wakefield
    Michael Douglas - Robert Wakefield
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  • “- Lu Yan: Innkeeper, more wine!
    - Jason Tripitikas: Jeez, Don't you think you've had one too many?
    - Lu Yan: Wine is mine inspiration. In some parts, I'm known as the poet [cheers] in other parts, I am known as the beggar.
    [when the innkeeper brings the bill, he passes it over to Jason Tripitikas]”

    Jackie Chan - Lu Yan
    Michael Angarano - Jason Tripitikas
    [Tag:beggars, wine and spirits]
  • “- Oedipus - The Roman Empire: Give to Oedipus! Give to Oedipus! Hey, Josephus!
    - Josephus: Hey, motherfucker!”

    Ronny Graham - Oedipus - The Roman Empire
    Gregory Hines - Josephus
  • “- Insp. Jacques Clouseau: It is against the leu for you to play your musical instrument.
    - Blind Beggar: Leu?
    - Insp. Jacques Clouseau: What?
    - Blind Beggar: You say, it's against the leu?
    - Insp. Jacques Clouseau: Yes. Unless you have a proper license.
    - Blind Beggar: What kind of license?
    - Insp. Jacques Clouseau: A license that permits the...” (continue)
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    Peter Sellers - Clouseau
    John Bluthal - Blind Beggar
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  • “- Homeless Man: You got a dollar?
    - Buffy Gilmore: Get away from me, you bum.
    - Cindy Campbell: Buffy, can't you see he's hungry? Here you go, sir, a nice sandwich.
    - Homeless Man: I said a dollar, bitch.”

    Lloyd Berry - Homeless Man
    Shannon Elizabeth - Buffy Gilmore
    Anna Faris - Cindy Campbell
    [Tag:beggars, food, money]
  • “People are roaming the streets homeless because of these assholes!”

    Gary Leonard Oldman - Jackie Flannery
    [Tag:beggars, lawyers]