“Kids” quotes

Movie Kids
Title Kids
Year 1995
Director Larry Clark
Genre Drama, Romance
Plot – A day in the summer life of a group of modern teenagers in New York. The guys only think about drinking, women, drugs and where to wander around. The girls do the same thing, they talk about sex, guys, relationships and so on. One of them gets tested for AIDS with a friend of her: it turns out that the first girl is negative, while the second one is positive. She starts to look for the guy who transmitted her the virus, she finds him at a party and she sees him while he’s having sex with another girl. Shocked, she falls asleep and has sex with another guy, causing a chain reaction.
All actors – Leo Fitzpatrick, Sarah Henderson, Justin Pierce, Joseph Chan, Johnathan Staci Kim, Adriane Brown, Sajan Bhagat, Billy Valdes, Billy Waldeman, Javier Nunez, Luis Núñez, Christian Bruna
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