“Last Embrace” quotes

Movie Last Embrace
Jonathan Demme directed this movie in 1979
Title Last Embrace
Year 1979
Director Jonathan Demme
Genre Romance, Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Harry Hannan assists impotent to his wife Dorothy's murder at a restaurant, where some killers enter and begin to shoot. Harry is hospitalized for the shock. Later on, while waiting for the train on the dock station, a stranger tries to push him on the railways, but the man suddenly disappears. Back home, he finds Ellie Fabian, an anthropology student who has rented his apartment by mistake and now refuses to leave. The two become lovers, but Harry receives a threatening letter. Sam Urdell, an agent of the Israeli Secret Services, finally solves his many doubts: Harry is in danger, someone is trying to kill him and that one is Ellie.
All actors – Roy Scheider, Janet Margolin, John Glover, Sam Levene, Charles Napier, Christopher Walken, Jacqueline Brookes, David Margulies, Andrew Duncan, Marcia Rodd, Gary Goetzman, Lou Gilbert
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  • “- Harry Hannan: Wait a minute! Wait a minute! You mean there 's more than one of these?
    - Richard Peabody: So I've been told.
    - Harry Hannan: Then I'm not the only one?
    - Richard Peabody: No, but don't despair. You have a distinction.
    - Harry Hannan: What's that?
    - Richard Peabody: You seem to be the only one still alive.”

    Roy Scheider - Harry Hannan
    John Glover - Richard Peabody
    [Tag:death, threat]
  • “Harry, if I wanted you dead, do you think I'd be walking around here?”

    Charles Napier - Dave Quittle
    [Tag:grave, walking]
  • “You look wonderful! Well, sherry requires a certain effort, doesn't it?”

    Janet Margolin - Ellie Fabian