“Something Wild” quotes

Movie Something Wild
Jonathan Demme directed this movie in 1986
Title Something Wild
Year 1986
Director Jonathan Demme
Genre Comedy, Crime, Romance, Thriller
Plot – Charles is a New York stockbroker who accidentally meets Lulu, who kidnaps and involves him in a mad adventure. Although Charles has a wife and some children and has to go back to work, he's first taken to a motel and "almost" raped by Lulu. He's involved in a robbery and, finally, he's introduced to Lulu's mother as her new husband. Charles thinks he is participating to a kind of game, so when Lulu drags him to a dinner with her former high school classmates, Charles keeps on pretending. At dinner they meet Ray Sinclair, who's Lulu's former husband and a violent thug too that has been left by his wife while he was serving his five years sentence in prison.
All actors – Jeff Daniels, Melanie Griffith, George 'Red' Schwartz, Leib Lensky, Tracey Walter, Maggie T., Patricia Falkenhain, Sandy McLeod, Robert Ridgely, Buzz Kilman, Kenneth Utt, Adelle Lutz
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