“Mama is boos!” quotes

Movie Mama is boos!
Title Mama is boos!
Year 1986
Director Ruud van Hemert
Genre Comedy
All actors – Peter Faber, Geert de Jong, Sanne van der Noort, Alexander Mouissie, Rijk de Gooyer, Adelheid Roosen, Hans Veerman, Trudy de Jong, Bartho Braat, Joss Flühr, Pollo Hamburger, Mathilde Verhaar
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  • “In case of divorce, our school only allows contact with the student after permission from the parent the child lives with. That means I can't help you. How dare you kidnap an 8-year-old? This is pointless. Try legal means instead. You know our view; you're disturbing the peace. Go away!”

    Helen van Meurs - Anke Bouma
  • “We don't just mediate between warring partners. We also check up the child itself psychologically. How does the child deal with the conflicts? Our advice is always binding. Don't take this the wrong way, but you left them. They didn't leave you. You left for another woman. For now, we see no reason to give you custody.”

    Nelly Frijda - Dr. Ellis K.P.R.
  • “- Valentijn Gisberts: Will daddy never come back?
    - Danny Gisberts: I don't know, darling. Daddy has been very mean to mommy. That's why mommy doesn't know if she wants him back. That's why mommy was mad. Now she's only sad, just like you.”

    Alexander Mouissie - Valentijn Gisberts
    Geert de Jong - Danny Gisberts