“Mr. Krueger's Christmas” quotes

Movie Mr. Krueger's Christmas
Title Mr. Krueger's Christmas
Year 1980
Director Kieth Merrill
Genre Drama, Music, Family, Fantasy, Short
Interpreted by
All actors – James Stewart, Beverly Rowland, Kamee Aliessa, Tamara Fowler, Tyson Lewis, Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Darro Glissmeyer, Rolando González, Leslie Peery Howa, Rita Jensen, Gordon Jump, Alan Nash
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  • “As long as I can remember you've been right by my side. I'll never forget when you walked with me right in those first few hours after I lost Martha. I've always been able to count on you, when I felt dark inside and when I... You were right there, right, every time, right there. Even when I didn't feel good about myself, I knew that you cared...” (continue)(continue reading)

    James Stewart - Mr. Krueger
  • “I got mad with Mabel Huntington because she broke her pipes on purpose just so she could have somebody to see while I came up and fixed them for her. Boy, I hollered at her, boy I hollered real loud. But then, then I got to thinking - you loved Mabel just as much as you loved me and I should treat her the way you want me to. I believe I talked...” (continue)(continue reading)

    Jimmy Stewart - Mr. Krueger
  • "I love you". That's what Christmas is all about... Clarissa said it to Mr. Krueger; Mr. Krueger said it to Jesus; and Jesus in so many ways said it to all of us.
  • “- Clarissa's Mother: Did Clarissa leave her mittens here?
    - Mr. Krueger: Oh, yes, they're right here.
    - Clarissa: You hung them on the christmas tree?
    - Mr. Krueger: Well, you remind me of everything good about Christmas so I just couldn't think of a better place.”

    Tamara Fowler - Clarissa's Mother
    Jimmy Stewart - Mr. Krueger
    Kamee Aliessa - Clarissa