“The NeverEnding Story” quotes

Movie The NeverEnding Story
Wolfgang Petersen directed this movie in 1984
Title The NeverEnding Story
Original title Die unendliche Geschichte
Year 1984
Director Wolfgang Petersen
Genre Drama, Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Interpreted by
Plot – The mother died and the father is quite distracted, so Bastian reads a lot to keep on dreaming. One of his books,“The NeverEnding Story”, gives him the opportunity to live in the kingdom of Fantasia, which is dying because people stopped dreaming. Bastian saves the Childlike Empress and rides a flying dragon.
All actors – Barret Oliver, Gerald McRaney, Drum Garrett, Darryl Cooksey, Nicholas Gilbert, Thomas Hill, Deep Roy, Tilo Prückner, Moses Gunn, Noah Hathaway, Alan Oppenheimer, Sydney Bromley, Patricia Hayes, Tami Stronach, Beth Anderson, Dee Harris, Frank Lenart, Limahl, Heinz Reincke, Silvia Seidel
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