“Pecker” quotes

Movie Pecker
Title Pecker
Year 1998
Director John Waters
Genre Drama, Comedy
Plot – Pecker is a clumsy eighteen-year-old guy called 'Woodpecker' who works in a fast food in Baltimore. His hobby is taking photograph of his family and friends, but his photos are sometimes out of focus, sometimes grainy. He's however discovered by a New York art dealer who wants to turn him into an artist. His family and friends' private lives are now made public by the photos. Pecker has to choose between the fame and the desire to protect the privacy of his family.
All actors – Edward Furlong, Christina Ricci, Bess Armstrong, Mark Joy, Mary Kay Place, Martha Plimpton, Brendan Sexton III, Mink Stole, Lili Taylor, Patricia Hearst, Jean Schertler, Lauren Hulsey
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