“Phenomenon” quotes

Movie Phenomenon
Title Phenomenon
Year 1996
Director Jon Turteltaub
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance, Fantasy
Plot – George Malley is a mechanical automaker who lives in Harmon, a quiet California town. There everyone knows each other and George celebrates his thirty-seventh birthday at the bar with all his friends, but suddently something mysterious throws him to the gound. After that, George finds himself with extraordinary abilities and he makes profit of it: he assembles solar panels on the roof of his house, he experiments new methods of cultivation, he reads avidly many books and learns quickly the secrets of human sciences. George realizes he has also physical unsuspected qualities as he can attract objects and give off energy beams. Moreover he knows when earthquakes are about to happen. One day George damages the computer network and a FBI agent arrives and questions him but George embarrasses the psychologist who was trying to evaluate his intelligence quotient. When his friends begin to misunderstand him, he falls into depression and faints. They announce him he has a brain tumor and he has little time to live. One year later, the whole city celebrates George's birthday to remember him.
All actors – John Travolta, Kyra Sedgwick, Forest Whitaker, Robert Duvall, Jeffrey DeMunn, Richard Kiley, David Gallagher, Ashley Buccille, Tony Genaro, Sean O'Bryan, Michael Milhoan, Troy Evans, Bruce A. Young, Vyto Ruginis, Brent Spiner, Elisabeth Nunziato, Ellen Geer, James Keane, Susan Merson, James Anthony Cotton, Justin DiPego, Mark Soper, Daniel Zacapa, Cab Covay, Tony A. Mattos, Mark Valim, Carl D. Parker, Beth Kennedy, Tom Fridley, Richard Gross, Jack Chouchanian, Michael Forner, Sage Callaway, Jewel Benedict, Betsy Berryhill, Mariann V. Carothers, Claudia Crespin, Joseph A. Nicosia, Dan Partain, Isaac Reiswig, Joseph Amey, Mike Justice, Noah Michael Levine, Anni Long, Scott Mullin, Will Prater, Anthony Snow, Sandy Stoltz, Eric Tignini, Derek Zemrak
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