“Straw Dogs” quotes

Movie Straw Dogs
Title Straw Dogs
Year 2011
Director Rod Lurie
Genre Drama, Thriller, Action
All actors – James Marsden, Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgård, James Woods, Dominic Purcell, Rhys Coiro, Billy Lush, Laz Alonso, Willa Holland, Walton Goggins, Anson Mount, Drew Powell
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  • “- Amy Sumner: Those straw dogs were practically licking my body outside, so...
    - David Sumner: I applaud their good taste.
    - Amy Sumner: It's not funny.
    - David Sumner: We'll, maybe you should wear a bra.”

    Kate Bosworth - Amy Sumner
    James Marsden - David Sumner
    [Tag:body, clothes]
  • “- Norman: See there Mr. Sumner, you ain't the only one with a trophy wife. Only difference is, mine's for third place.
    - Kristen: Believe it or not, that's the most romantic thing he's ever said.”

    Rhys Coiro - Norman
    Wanetah Walmsley - Kristen
    [Tag:romance, wife]
  • - David Sumner: Hey Charlie, there is something in the Bible I do believe.
    - Charlie: Whats that, sir?
    - David Sumner: "Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife".
    - Charlie: I believe in that, too. But what happens when thy neighbor's wife covets you?

    James Marsden - David Sumner
    Alexander Skarsgård - Charlie
    [Tag:bible, desire, wife]
  • “- David Sumner: Baby. You don't have to learn chess to please me.
    - Amy Sumner: I'm not learning chess to please you, baby. I'm learning so I can kick your ass.”

    James Marsden - David Sumner
    Kate Bosworth - Amy Sumner
  • “- David Sumner: Just so you know, somebody broke into our house and killed our cat.
    - Chris: What makes you think Flutie was killed? Didn't just die.
    - David Sumner: Well, generally cats don't hang themselves.”

    James Marsden - David Sumner
    Billy Lush - Chris
    [Tag:cats, killing]