“The Beastmaster” quotes

Movie The Beastmaster
Title The Beastmaster
Year 1982
Director Don Coscarelli
Genre Adventure, Fantasy, Action
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Plot – Maax, priest of the bloodthirsty god Aar, takes away the son of King Zed to make a human sacrifice, but he fails and the baby - called Kaan - survives. He grows up and becomes a brave warrior in the village of Emur, where he fights against the usurper Jun. He meets Kiri, a slave who works for Maax, and discovers Zed is imprisoned in the priest's temple. When Zed dies, Kaan's younger brother Tal is crowned and Kaan continues his wanderings together with Kiri.
All actors – Marc Singer, Tanya Roberts, Rip Torn, John Amos, Joshua Milrad, Rod Loomis, Ben Hammer, Ralph Strait, Billy Jayne, Janet DeMay, Christine Kellogg, Janet Jones
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  • “Don't move. The beast is fierce. But if we show no fear, we might escape.”

    Marc Singer - Dar
    [Tag:animals, escape, fear]
  • “Dar, the gods have put that mark on you, and someday, you'll find out why. 'Til then, this mark will be your guide. My sword and my caber will be your trusted companions. Protect Emur, your home. And if anything should happen to me, look for our enemies, the Juns... and you may search for your destiny in the Valley of Aruk.”
    Ben Hammer - Young Dar's Father
    [Tag:destiny, enemy, home]
  • “- Dar: I've never seen a... pilgrim... who could use a staff the way you did.
    - Seth: Ah, but sir; all pilgrims share a deep love of life; especially their own!”

    Marc Singer - Dar
    John R. Amos - Seth