“The Last Time” quotes

Movie The Last Time
Title The Last Time
Year 2006
Director Michael Caleo
Genre Drama, Comedy, Thriller
All actors – Michael Keaton, Brendan Fraser, Amber Valletta, Daniel Stern, Richard Kuhlman, Alexis Cruz, Neal McDonough, William Ragsdale, Mike Hagerty, Maree Cheatham, David Jensen, Michael Lerner
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  • “If you know anything about elephants, you know they eat up to a ton of vegetation every single day. If the authorities let them keep eating like that, there wouldn't be a single shrub left in the park. So as fucked up as it sounds, the rangers have to kill 100s of elephants every year, so the others don't starve to death.”
    Michael Lerner - Leguzza
  • “- Jamie Bashant: Does anyone know why he's so angry?
    - John: Well he was probably beaten as a child.
    - Hurly: Oh well, I hope.”

    Brendan Fraser - Jamie Bashant
    Daniel Stern - John Whitman
    Neal McDonough - Hurly
    [Tag:anger, childhood, pain]