“Buffalo Soldiers” quotes

Movie Buffalo Soldiers
Title Buffalo Soldiers
Year 2001
Director Gregor Jordan
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime, Thriller, War
All actors – Joaquin Phoenix, Ed Harris, Scott Glenn, Anna Paquin, Elizabeth McGovern, Michael Peña, Leon, Gabriel Mann, Dean Stockwell, Brian Delate, Shiek Mahmud-Bey, Amani Gethers
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  • “These were my guys. Fighting the dull fight. Soldiers with nothing to kill except time. They know that war is hell, but peace... peace is fucking boring.”
    Joaquin Phoenix - Ray Elwood
  • “- Colonel Berman: One thousand gallons of Mop & Glow... my God, do we really need that much?
    - Ray Elwood: Well, cleanliness is next to godliness.”

    Ed Harris - Colonel Berman
    Joaquin Phoenix - Ray Elwood
  • “There's basically two types of guys in the army, the motherfuckers and the motherfucked. Sergeant Saad is the third kind, he fucks the motherfuckers. Which is doable when you're the chief MP by day and the director of retail heroin sales by night.”
    Joaquin Phoenix - Ray Elwood
  • “- Colonel Berman: McCovey was on the pill? How could this be possible?
    - Ray Elwood: Well, he might have taken it by mistake, sir.
    - Colonel Berman: What?
    - Ray Elwood: The birth control pill. He might've thought it was something ele.
    - Colonel Berman: Well, fine, but he didn't take heroin, speed and cocaine by mistake, did he?
    - Ray Elwood: It...” (continue)
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    Ed Harris - Colonel Berman
    Joaquin Phoenix - Ray Elwood
    [Tag:drugs, mistake]
  • “- Ray Elwood: Let's just say cooking smack is like preparing Thanksgiving dinner where one of the ingredients is a hand grenade.
    - Sergeant Saad: This shit explodes?
    - Ray Elwood: Kaboom.”

    Joaquin Phoenix - Ray Elwood
    Shiek Mahmud-Bey - Sergeant Saad
  • “- Robyn Lee: He's the First Sergeant of your company, he's not somebody you want to piss off. You realise he's gonna cut your balls off.
    - Ray Elwood: Yeah, probably.
    - Robyn Lee: So, what if I stay? There's a chance you're going to lose your balls, do you think I'm worth it?
    - Ray Elwood: Yeah, sure, why not?”

    Anna Paquin - Robyn Lee
    Joaquin Phoenix - Ray Elwood
    [Tag:flirting, threat]
  • “- Ray Elwood: I'm a natural enemy of guys like your dad, mostly because I don't give a shit about the army.
    - Robyn Lee: If you don't give a shit, why'd you join?
    - Ray Elwood: I didn't exactly have much of a say in the matter. I got caught stealing a car and the judge gave me a choice, either 6 months in prison or 3 years in the army. So I made...” (continue)
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    Joaquin Phoenix - Ray Elwood
    Anna Paquin - Robyn Lee
    [Tag:army, choice]
  • “- Ray Elwood: Whoa, you're saying he's going to kill me?
    - Robyn Lee: I don't know, but he's not a guy to mess with.
    - Ray Elwood: Why are you telling me all this?
    - Robyn Lee: I guess I don't want him to fuck you up.
    - Ray Elwood: You realize that's probably the nicest thing anyone's said to me in my whole life?”

    Joaquin Phoenix - Ray Elwood
    Anna Paquin - Robyn Lee
    [Tag:caring, threat]
  • “My worst fear is falling, falling like a bomb. You see, life for me is about distractions. I try to keep looking up and forget about what's down. But when I dream... I fall.”
    Joaquin Phoenix - Ray Elwood
    [Tag:dreams, fear, life]
  • “I don't go much for this lineage shit. I'm not related to anyone famous, and this family-line bullshit makes me feel insecure. My belief is, if you come from dirt, you'll fight better, because you don't want to go back to the dirt. The best fighters in the world are people with nothing to lose.”

    Dean Stockwell - General Lancaster
  • “Parsons McCovey was a casualty of war. The only difference was that this was the Cold War and he was a fucked-up junkie. There'd be no hero's burial for Parsons.”
    Joaquin Phoenix - Ray Elwood
    [Tag:heroes, war]
  • “- Mrs. Berman: When was the last time you even held a rifle? Do you even know which end the fucking bullets come out? Why, in your opinion, was it a good idea to challenge Marshall to a training exercise when you're Supply and he's Infantry?
    - Colonel Berman: You're the one who told me I should go on the attack.
    - Mrs. Berman: Right, I said...” (continue)
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    Elizabeth McGovern - Mrs. Berman
    Ed Harris - Colonel Berman
  • “Three things I love about Germany: my Mercedes-Benz, no speed limit on the autobahn and a black market for anything I can get my hands on.”
    Joaquin Phoenix - Ray Elwood
  • “- Ray Elwood: I have the same dream all the time where its really high and I'm kind of floating and then I fall. Is that the same as yours?
    - Robyn Lee: Kind of.
    - Ray Elwood: Well, why? What happens in yours?
    - Robyn Lee: I wake up before I hit the ground.
    - Ray Elwood: I always hit. I don't wake up.”

    Joaquin Phoenix - Ray Elwood
    Anna Paquin - Robyn Lee
    [Tag:death, dreams]
  • “His point is that there really is no peace. There's always some war, somewhere, with someone. And there are no winners or losers either. Just those who are still around to fight another day.”

    Joaquin Phoenix - Ray Elwood
    [Tag:fighting, peace, war]
  • “- Sergeant Lee: Well, that's a nice watch, show me that. Where'd you get that?
    - Garcia: My father, uh, gave it to me.
    - Sergeant Lee: Your father gave it to you? He must be quite a guy. What's he do?
    - Garcia: He's a barber.
    - Sergeant Lee: Barber? Gee, he must cut a lot of hair.”

    Scott Glenn - Sergeant Lee
    Michael Peña - Garcia
    [Tag:father, lies, wealth]
  • “- Ray Elwood: So how come they assigned you here?
    - Pfc. Brian Knoll: I put in for it. My fiancée is here on base, so we arranged for a transfer together.
    - Ray Elwood: Oh, how sweet. Who's she?
    - Pfc. Brian Knoll: Margolis, Carol-Anne. Private First Class.
    - Ray Elwood: You call her by her last name? What do you do, salute in bed?”

    Gabriel Mann - Pfc. Brian Knoll
    Joaquin Phoenix - Ray Elwood