“The Mad Ghoul” quotes

Movie The Mad Ghoul
Title The Mad Ghoul
Year 1943
Director James P. Hogan
Genre Sci-Fi, Horror, Thriller
Interpreted by
All actors – David Bruce, Evelyn Ankers, George Zucco, Robert Armstrong, Turhan Bey, Milburn Stone, Andrew Tombes, Rose Hobart, Addison Richards, Charles McGraw, Lillian Cornell, Bess Flowers
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  • “- Dr. Alfred Morris: You fool! You madman! What have you done?
    - Ted Allison: I'm sending this evil back into the darkness!”

    George Zucco - Dr. Alfred Morris
    David Bruce - Ted Allison
  • “We have lethal gases which are used for a definite purpose... to kill.”

    George Zucco - Dr. Alfred Morris
  • Moral concepts? I'm a scientist. To me there is no good or evil, only true or false. Work with one; discard the other.”

    George Zucco - Dr. Alfred Morris
  • “- Ken McClure: What kind of corpse do I make, Mr. Eagan?
    - Eagan: Very nice, very nice indeed... considering you have the disavantage of being alive. Now if I was preparing you...
    - Ken McClure: Never mind. That's one disadvantage I want to keep for a while.”

    Robert Armstrong - Ken McClure
    Andrew Tombes - Eagan
    [Tag:death, living]
  • “Anyone in this town who gets into a cemetery tonight won't get out alive.”
    Charles McGraw - Garrity
    [Tag:death, grave]