“The Manchurian Candidate” quotes

Movie The Manchurian Candidate
Title The Manchurian Candidate
Year 1962
Director John Frankenheimer
Genre Drama, Thriller
Plot – In Korea, a US patrol is imprisoned and conducted to Manchuria, where he is subjected to harsh treatments. The men lose their sense of reality and one of them, Raymond, kills two of his comrades. None of them will remember this fact. Once back home, Commander Bennett Marco feels upset but he cannot explain why. During the night he has nightmares, until he decides to look for Raymond, who in the meantime has received a medal for his bravery. Raymond lives with his mother and, amazingly, with the Korean soldier who caused their capture and now works in his house as waiter. The former commander doesn't take so long to realize Raymond, under suggestion, commits a crime every time he sees the Queen of Diamonds card.
All actors – Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey, Janet Leigh, Angela Lansbury, Henry Silva, James Gregory, Leslie Parrish, John McGiver, Khigh Dhiegh, James Edwards, Douglas Henderson, Albert Paulsen, Barry Kelley, Lloyd Corrigan, Madame Spivy, Joe Adams, Alyce Allen, Alex Ball, Benjie Bancroft, Frank Basso, Mary Benoit, Jack Berle, Whit Bissell, Nicky Blair, Merritt Bohn, Nick Bolin, George Bruggeman, Robert Burton, Evelyn Byrd, Harry Carter, James J. Casino, Albert Cavens, Spencer Chan, Lana Crawford, Ray Dailey, George DeNormand, Mimi Dillard, Joan Douglas, Minta Durfee, Estelle Etterre, Mickey Finn, Duke Fishman, Bess Flowers, Lee Tung Foo, John Francis, Paul Frees, Wesley Gale, Ralph Gambina, Rudy Germane, Kenneth Gibson, James Gonzalez, Herschel Graham, Joe Gray, Stuart Hall, Tom Harris, Maggie Hathaway, Chester Hayes, Maye Henderson, Lars Hensen, Sam 'Kid' Hogan, Harry Holcombe, George Holmes, John Indrisano, Miyoshi Jingu, Kenner G. Kemp, Rita Kenaston, Colin Kenny, Paul King, Helen Kleeb, Lou Krugg, Joseph La Cava, Jack Latham, John Lawrence, Richard LePore, Carl M. Leviness, Tom Lowell, Wilbur Mack, Rankin Mansfield, Maurice Marks, Michael Masters, William Meader, Midori, Harold Miller, Marquita Moll, Mike Morelli, Reggie Nalder, Frances E. Nealy, Karen Norris, Richard Norris, Julie Payne, Charles Perry, Robert Riordan, Bernard Sell, Anna Shin, Stephen Soldi, Ray Spiker, Irving Steinberg, Norman Stevans, Bert Stevens, Hal Taggart, William Thourlby, Arthur Tovey, Raynum K. Tsukamoto, Jeanne Vaughn, Anton von Stralen, James Yagi
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