“The Man Who Knew Too Much” quotes

Movie The Man Who Knew Too Much
Alfred Hitchcock directed this movie in 1934
Title The Man Who Knew Too Much
Year 1934
Director Alfred Hitchcock
Genre Crime, Film-Noir, Thriller, Mystery
All actors – Leslie Banks, Edna Best, Peter Lorre, Frank Vosper, Hugh Wakefield, Nova Pilbeam, Pierre Fresnay, Cicely Oates, D.A. Clarke-Smith, George Curzon, Frank Atkinson, Betty Baskcomb
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  • Tell her they may soon be leaving us. Leaving us for a long, long journey. How is it that Shakespeare says? "From which no traveler returns". Great poet.
    Peter Lorre - Abbott
  • “- Abbott: The arm of the English law needed help in taking our friend to the station - very, very reluctantly. I've given him in charge.
    - Nurse Agnes: For disorderly conduct in a sacrededifice.”

    Peter Lorre - Abbott
    Cicely Oates - Nurse Agnes
    [Tag:helping, law, trouble]
  • “To a man with a heart as soft as mine, there's nothing sweeter than a touching scene.”
    Peter Lorre - Abbott
    [Tag:heart, tenderness]
  • “Keep your eyes fixed on this light. Keep them fixed. Before receiving the first degree of the seventh old ray, your mind must be white and blank.”

    Cicely Oates - Nurse Agnes
    [Tag:eyes, mind]
  • “Those who may be among us tonight for the first time and who have not yet come initiated into the mysteries of the first circle of the seventh old ray, may be wondering what is going to happen now.”
    Cicely Oates - Nurse Agnes
    [Tag:mystery, wonder]