“The 39 Steps” quotes

Movie The 39 Steps
Alfred Hitchcock directed this movie in 1935
Title The 39 Steps
Year 1935
Director Alfred Hitchcock
Genre Thriller, Mystery
Plot – Richard Hanney is in London for business while a dying woman tells him confidential information about a professor, involving him in a spy story. The police thinks Richard is the responsible of the woman's death and chases him. A secret organization wants him dead too.
All actors – Robert Donat, Madeleine Carroll, Lucie Mannheim, Godfrey Tearle, Peggy Ashcroft, John Laurie, Helen Haye, Frank Cellier, Wylie Watson, Gus McNaughton, Jerry Verno, Peggy Simpson
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  • “I am the only person who can stop them. If they are not stopped, it is only a matter of days, perhaps hours, before the secret is out of the country.”

    Lucie Mannheim - Miss Smith
  • “- Hannay: Beautiful, mysterious woman pursued by gunmen. Sounds like a spy story.
    - Miss Smith: That's exactly what it is.”

    Robert Donat - Hannay
    Lucie Mannheim - Miss Smith
  • “- Professor Jordan: What about our mutual friend, Annabella?
    - Hannay: She's been murdered.”

    Godfrey Tearle - Professor Jordan
    Robert Donat - Hannay
    [Tag:friends, murder]
  • “These men act quickly. You don't know how clever their chief is. He has a dozen names, and he can look like a hundred people, but one thing he cannot disguise: part of his little finger is missing, so if ever you should meet a man with no top joint there, be very careful, my friend.”

    Lucie Mannheim - Miss Smith
  • “I know what it is to feel lonely and helpless and to have the whole world against me, and those are things that no men or women ought to feel.”
    Robert Donat - Hannay
  • “Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for my hesitation in rising just now, but to tell you the simple truth, I'd entirely failed, while listening to the chairman's flattering description of the next speaker, to realize he was talking about me.”

    Robert Donat - Hannay
    [Tag:honesty, speech]
  • “I'm going to tell you something which is not very healthy to know, but now that they have followed me here, you are in it as much as I am. Have you ever heard of the Thirty-Nine Steps?”

    Lucie Mannheim - Miss Smith
    [Tag:health, secrets]
  • “There are 20 million women in this island and I've got to be chained to you.”

    Robert Donat - Hannay