“The Nutty Professor” quotes

Movie The Nutty Professor
Title The Nutty Professor
Year 1996
Director Tom Shadyac
Genre Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romance
Plot – Sherman Klump is a popular university professor, respected by his colleagues and by students. The only problem is that he's a massive obese guy and this detail affects all his sentimental life. When in the chemistry department comes a new and beautiful teacher, Carla Purty, Sherman falls in love with her but doesn't dare to declare himself. He tries everything possible, but in the end Sherman invents in his laboratory a formula to beat the fat gene experimenting it on himself and it's successful. Immediately the shy professor becomes an impetuous guy and tells everyone he's a friend of Sherman, starting courting Carla under the name of 'Buddy Love'. The woman is affected by his exuberance and vitality and agrees to go out with him, but soon Sherman discovers that the substance has a limited effect and the body can whenever regain his old features. During a lunch organized to fund the university researches, Buddy Love reveals who he really is and Sherman finally is accepted as he is, both by her peers and especially by Carla.
All actors – Eddie Murphy, Jada Pinkett Smith, James Coburn, Larry Miller, Dave Chappelle, John Ales, Patricia Wilson, Jamal Mixon, Nichole McAuley, Hamilton von Watts, Chao Li Chi, Tony Carlin, Quinn Duffy, Montell Jordan, Doug Williams, David Ramsey, Chaz Lamar Shepherd, Lisa Halpern, Mark McPherson, John Prosky, Michael Rothhaar, Sara Ballantine, Greg Natale, Roy Werner, Retha Jones, Steve Monroe, Joe Greco, Nick Kokotakis, Stanley D. Petter III, Mohammad Mohsen, Michael D. Starks, Julianne Christie, Christie Blanchard-Power, Alexia Robinson, Lisa Boyle, Athena Massey, Judith Woodbury, Elliott J. Brown, Annett Culp, Linda Grigorian, Ned Luke, Rachel Sulprizio
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