“Blast from the Past” quotes

Movie Blast from the Past
Title Blast from the Past
Year 1999
Director Hugh Wilson
Genre Drama, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Romance
Plot – 1962, Los Angeles. The Cuban crisis and the news about a possible nuclear war loom over and, considering these dangers - including a mysterious explosion near his home - the imaginative engineer Calvin Webber doesn't hesitate to lock himself and his pregnant wife Helen up in an atomic bunker. Here, Adam comes into the world and the family spends its existence. 35 years pass before Calvin decides that it is time to go to see what happens outside. When he returns back inside, he says it's too early to get out but then he has a heart attack, so Adam has to cope with Los Angeles of 1997. Old currency and baseball stickers make him meet Eva, a short-tempered blonde girl who can’t find a stable job. Adam asks Eve to work for him, to help him buy the things that his mother needs.
All actors – Brendan Fraser, Alicia Silverstone, Christopher Walken, Sissy Spacek, Dave Foley, Joey Slotnick, Dale Raoul, Hayden Tank, Douglas Smith, Ryan Sparks, Don Yesso, Scott Thomson
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