“The Outlaw” quotes

Movie The Outlaw
Howard Hawks directed this movie in 1943
Title The Outlaw
Year 1943
Directors Howard Hughes, Howard Hawks
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance, Western
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Plot – Doc is an outlaw and he has lost his horse. He meets his old friend Garrett, now a sheriff. They go to drink together, then Doc sees his horse. Billy, a young outlaw, has bought it and Doc leaves him the animal. That very night, Billy kills a man and Garrett tries to arrest him but he wounds him. Doc takes the guy to a hut where his lover Rio cures him and Billy recovers. When they finally face Garrett, Doc dies, Billy chains up the sheriff and flees with Rio.
All actors – Jack Buetel, Jane Russell, Thomas Mitchell, Walter Huston, Mimi Aguglia, Joe Sawyer, Gene Rizzi, Bobby Callahan, Martin Garralaga, Ben Johnson, Dickie Jones, Cecil Kellogg
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  • “Pat, I want you to know I'm sorry. I honestly am. Last night, I was ready to kill you. But in the daylight, I can see things much better.”

    Jack Buetel - Billy the Kid
  • “The crazier a man is for a woman, the crazier he thinks and the crazier he acts.”
    Walter Huston - Doc Holliday
  • “Men are pretty much like children after all. Have you ever seen two kids wrestling in the yard? They push and they tussle and maybe they look like they're fighting... but they're not. They're really friends and everything is fun. Then pretty soon they play a little too rough. One of them gets mad. And in the end, somebody always gets hurt.”

    Walter Huston - Doc Holliday