“Ball of Fire” quotes

Movie Ball of Fire
Howard Hawks directed this movie in 1941
Title Ball of Fire
Year 1941
Director Howard Hawks
Genre Comedy, Romance
Plot – A group of old professors and a young philologist are writing a great encyclopedia. When they discover the current spoken language has evolved differently, they decide to "update" themselves. To learn the slang language, the philologist dates a starlet.
All actors – Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Oskar Homolka, Henry Travers, S.Z. Sakall, Tully Marshall, Leonid Kinskey, Richard Haydn, Aubrey Mather, Allen Jenkins, Dana Andrews, Dan Duryea, Ralph Peters, Kathleen Howard, Mary Field, Charles Lane, Charles Arnt, Elisha Cook Jr., Alan Rhein, Eddie Foster, Aldrich Bowker, Addison Richards, Pat West, Kenneth Howell, Tommy Ryan, Tim Ryan, Will Lee, Gene Krupa and His Orchestra, Roy Eldridge, Gene Krupa, Hal McIntyre, George Barton, Doria Caron, Eddy Chandler, Ken Christy, Edward Clark, Chet De Vito, Geraldine Fissette, Pat Flaherty, Catherine Henderson, Otto Hoffman, June Horne, Merrillee Lannon, Ethelreda Leopold, Lorraine Miller, Mildred Morris, Edward Mundy, Gerald Pierce, Francis Sayles, Helen Seamon, George Sherwood, Walter Shumway, Bert Stevens, Russell Wade, Oscar Chalkee Williams
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