“The Searchers” quotes

Movie The Searchers
Title The Searchers
Year 1956
Director John Ford
Genre Western
Plot – Ethan Edwards returns to his brother Aaron’s ranch in Texas and gets warmly welcomed. One day, a group of settlers led by Rev. Sam Clayton arrives at the ranch: they are chasing the Native Americans who stole the cattle. Ethan goes with them and realizes that the Comanches stole the cattle to make the settlers go away. Once they are back to the ranch, Ethan finds his family killed by the Native Americans, who also kidnapped the daughters Debbie and Lucy.
All actors – John Wayne, Jeffrey Hunter, Vera Miles, Ward Bond, Natalie Wood, John Qualen, Olive Carey, Henry Brandon, Ken Curtis, Harry Carey Jr., Antonio Moreno, Hank Worden, Beulah Archuletta, Walter Coy, Dorothy Jordan, Pippa Scott, Patrick Wayne, Lana Wood, Pipe Line Begishe, Exactly Sonnie Betsuie, Danny Borzage, Ruth Clifford, Carmen D'Antonio, Tommy Doss, Pete Grey Eyes, Feather Hat Jr., Nacho Galindo, Chuck Hayward, Jack Tin Horn, Harry Black Horse, Away Luna, Robert Lyden, Cliff Lyons, Peter Mamakos, Mae Marsh, Frank McGrath, Bob Many Mules, Jack Pennick, Lloyd Perryman, Chuck Roberson, Smile White Sheep, Many Mules Son, Percy Shooting Star, William Steele, Chief Thundercloud, Terry Wilson, Billy Yellow
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  • “- Martin: I hope you die!
    - Ethan: That'll be the day.”

    Jeffrey Hunter - Martin Pawley
    John Wayne - Ethan Edwards
    [Tag:death, wishes]
  • “- Ethan: A fella could mistake you for a half-breed.
    - Martin: Not quite, I'm eighth Cherokee, the rest is Welsh and English. Least that's what they tell me.”

    John Wayne - Ethan Edwards
    Jeffrey Hunter - Martin Pawley
  • “- Ben Edwards: Uncle Ethan, will you tell us about the war?
    - Ethan: Oh, the war ended three years ago, boy.
    - Ben Edwards: It has? Then why didn't you come home before now?”

    Robert Lyden - Ben Edwards
    John Wayne - Ethan Edwards
    [Tag:return, war]
  • “- Brad: They gotta stop sometime. If they're human men at all, they gotta stop.
    - Ethan: No, a human rides a horse until it dies, then he goes on afoot. A Comanche comes along, gets that horse up, rides him 20 more miles... and then he eats him.”

    Harry Carey Jr. - Brad Jorgensen
    John Wayne - Ethan Edwards
    [Tag:ability, horses]
  • “- Reverend Clayton: I say we do it my way. That's an order!
    - Ethan: Yessir. But if you're wrong don't ever give me another.”

    Ward Bond - Rev. Capt. Samuel Johnston Clayton
    John Wayne - Ethan Edwards
  • “- Martin: You know, Laurie, I was just thinking that maybe it's about time you and me started going steady, huh?
    - Laurie Jorgensen: Why, Martin Pawley, you and me been going steady since we was three years old!
    - Martin: We have?
    - Laurie Jorgensen: 'Bout time you found out about it.”

    Jeffrey Hunter - Martin Pawley
    Vera Miles - Laurie Jorgensen
  • “Figure a man's only good for one oath at a time; I took mine to the Confederate States of America.”
    John Wayne - Ethan Edwards
    [Tag:oath, promises]