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  • “I'll fight 'til from my bones my flesh be hacked.”
    Michael Fassbender - Macbeth
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  • “Figure a man's only good for one oath at a time; I took mine to the Confederate States of America.”
    John Wayne - Ethan Edwards
    [Tag:oath, promises]
  • I am finished doing what I swore an oath to God 28 years ago to never do again. I've created, "something that kills people". And in that purpose, I was a success. I've done this because, philosophically, I am sympathetic to your aim.

    Shin'ichi Chiba - Hattori Hanzo
    [Tag:god, oath, weapons]
  • “- Ben Gates:Whether by innate character or the oath you took to defend the Constitution or the weight of history that falls upon you, I believe you to be an honorable man, sir.
    - The president: Gates, people don't believe that stuff anymore.
    - Ben Gates: They want to believe it.”

    Nicolas Cage - Ben Gates
    Bruce Greenwood - The president
    [Tag:constitution, history, oath]
  • “I swear to you, every single mother and daughter, father and son taken from us by the Black Plague will be avenged. It is their WitchQueen who brought this curse upon our lands. And in her death lies our salvation. Be warned, brothers. She will never truly perish until her heart beats its last. Let fear be dead to us. There is no going back,...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Ólafur Darri Ólafsson - Belial
    [Tag:oath, retribution, sorrow]
  • - Carol Connelly: I'm not going to sleep with you! I will never sleep with you, never, ever! Not ever!
    - Melvin Udall: Well, I'm sorry, but, um... we don't open for the "no sex oaths" until 9am.

    Julie Benz - Carol Connelly
    Jack Nicholson - Melvin Udall
    [Tag:oath, sex]
  • “August 27th, 1967, we took the oath this morning. Tyrone Washington - Chicago, Illinois. Billy Ray Pike - Galveston, Texas. Me, Alvin Foster - Emporia, Kansas. Vinnie Fazio - Brooklyn, New York. Dave Bisbee - Seattle, Washington and a bunch of other guys from all over the country.”
    James Canning - Alvin Foster
    [Tag:army, oath]
  • “My oath of celibacy is on record, Captain.”
    Persis Khambatta - Ilia
    [Tag:oath, solitude]
  • “- Tom Sawyer: What if we could get the map? That'd prove Muff's innocent and we wouldn't break our oath.
    - Huck Finn: Only one problem. That map is in Injun Joe's pocket.”

    Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Tom Sawyer
    Brad Renfro - Huck Finn
    [Tag:helping, oath, problems]
  • “- Reverend Spike: Harv, can you relate to making a heavy commitment, to share your space with Kate, respecting her identity as a free being?
    - Harvey Holroyd: No.
    - Reverend Spike: No?
    - Harvey Holroyd: No. I promise to love, honor, and cherish Kate Linville Holroyd in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, forsaking all others, for...” (continue)
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    Tom Smothers - Spike
    Martin Mull - Harvey
    [Tag:independence, marriage, oath]
  • “- Huck Finn: You should be dead and rottin' right about now.
    - Tom Sawyer: I had to help Muff. Not helpin' him woulda been wrong.
    - Huck Finn: I know but, you swore an oath Tom, don't that mean anythin' to ya?
    - Tom Sawyer: Of course it does. It's just, it felt like the right thing to do. Huck it was the right thing to do.
    - Huck Finn: No. You...” (continue)
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    Brad Renfro - Huck Finn
    Jonathan Taylor Thomas - Tom Sawyer
    [Tag:helping, oath, swearing]
  • “- Juliet: O, swear not by the moon, the inconstant moon, who monthly changes in her circled orb, lest that thy love prove likewise variable.
    - Romeo: What shall I swear by?
    - Juliet: Do not swear at all. Or, if thou wilt, swear by thy gracious self, which is the God of my idolatry, and I'll believe thee.”

    Claire Danes - Juliet
    Leonardo DiCaprio - Romeo
    [Tag:moon, oath]