“The Southerner” quotes

Movie The Southerner
Title The Southerner
Year 1945
Director Jean Renoir
Genre Drama
Interpreted by
Plot – Sam is a pioneer. With his family, he moves to a desert land and turns it into a farm. A neighbor is envious but Sam works hard. Eventually the farm is destroyed by a storm, but Sam doesn't dishearten and keeps to work.
All actors – Zachary Scott, Betty Field, J. Carrol Naish, Beulah Bondi, Percy Kilbride, Charles Kemper, Blanche Yurka, Norman Lloyd, Estelle Taylor, Paul Harvey, Noreen Nash, Jack Norworth, Nestor Paiva, Paul E. Burns, Jay Gilpin, Jean Vanderwilt, , Rudy Bowman, Nora Bush, Wheaton Chambers, Grace Christy, Pearl S. Cooper, Anne Cornwall, Dorothy Granger, Earle Hodgins, Ann Kunde, Russell Meeker, Almira Sessions, Allen D. Sewall, Lucile Sewall, George Sowards, Bunny Sunshine, Glen Walters
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