“The Southerner” quotes

Movie The Southerner
Title The Southerner
Year 1945
Director Jean Renoir
Genre Drama
Interpreted by
Plot – Sam is a pioneer. With his family, he moves to a desert land and turns it into a farm. A neighbor is envious but Sam works hard. Eventually the farm is destroyed by a storm, but Sam doesn't dishearten and keeps to work.
All actors – Zachary Scott, Betty Field, J. Carrol Naish, Beulah Bondi, Percy Kilbride, Charles Kemper, Blanche Yurka, Norman Lloyd, Estelle Taylor, Paul Harvey, Noreen Nash, Jack Norworth, Nestor Paiva, Paul E. Burns, Jay Gilpin, Jean Vanderwilt, , Rudy Bowman, Nora Bush, Wheaton Chambers, Grace Christy, Pearl S. Cooper, Anne Cornwall, Dorothy Granger, Earle Hodgins, Ann Kunde, Russell Meeker, Almira Sessions, Allen D. Sewall, Lucile Sewall, George Sowards, Bunny Sunshine, Glen Walters
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  • “Man, with money in your pocket, you're as free as the wind!”
    Charles Kemper - Tim
    [Tag:freedom, men, money]
  • “I was so plumb wore out for awhile I didn't seem to believe in nothin' no more. But, now my clothes are startin' to dry and I'm beginnin' to believe again. I guess that's the way the Earth feels when she's wet. But, the Sun will start dryin' her out and she'll start callin' to me again, just the way Nona does sometimes.”
    Zachary Scott - Sam Tucker
    [Tag:despair, hope]
  • “Jus' cause we're havin' hard times right now, don't mean we gotta stop nothin'. We gotta keep goin'. Once we give up, we won't have the courage to get ourselves back to good times.”
    Zachary Scott - Sam Tucker
  • - Harmie: Me, I know what war is. When we was right close to Shadow Therry, the old Colonel, he brung us all together and he said...
    - Tim: He said, "Young men, in civilian life, never brag about your conquests, whether they be love or war."
    - Harmie: Shut up, young fella. I'm tellin' ya I know. And I know, I know.

    Percy Kilbride - Harmie
    Charles Kemper - Tim
    [Tag:experience, war]
  • “- Tim: Hey, would you be interested in coming to work in the factory with me?
    - Sam Tucker: Are you crazy? What would I do in a factory? I'm a farmer.”

    Charles Kemper - Tim
    Zachary Scott - Sam Tucker
    [Tag:job, working]
  • “All you farmers is just the same. Gamblers! That's what you all are, to a man. Year after year you starve yourself to death and hope that some fine day - well, I think you're loco.”
    Charles Kemper - Tim
  • “- Sam Tucker: Every time I get plumb wore out, I think about you and Jotty and Daisy, and I ain't quite so tired anymore.
    - Nona Tucker: Aw Sam... I just never could get along without you.
    - Sam Tucker: Me too, honey. I couldn't live without you.”

    Zachary Scott - Sam Tucker
    Betty Field - Nona Tucker
    [Tag:family, love]