“Tomcats” quotes

Movie Tomcats
Title Tomcats
Year 2001
Director Gregory Poirier
Genre Comedy
Plot – Some twenty-year-old friends swear to avoid marriage while they're still young and they seal the deal depositing each year an amount of money into an account, destined to the last of them who remains single. Seven years later, Michael and Kyle are still unmarried and Michael needs desperately the money to cover a gambling debt, so his only possibility is to make Kyle marry as soon as possible.
All actors – Jerry O'Connell, Shannon Elizabeth, Jake Busey, Horatio Sanz, Jaime Pressly, Bernie Casey, David Ogden Stiers, Travis Fine, Heather Stephens, Julia Schultz, Scott Beehner, Kam Heskin
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  • “- Kyle Brenner: If I get married it's going to be a cosmetics counter girl.
    - Michael Delany: Why a cosmetics counter girl?
    - Kyle Brenner: It's the perfect woman, man. You know they're always going to smell good and wear makeup, plus, they're not too ambitious so they'll make a good wife and they're not going to be one of those damn feminist...” (continue)
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    Jake Busey - Kyle Brenner
    Jerry O'Connell - Michael Delany
    [Tag:job, marriage, women]
  • “I love the smell of bridesmaids in the morning.”
    Jake Busey - Kyle Brenner
  • “- Carlos: How did you get the money?
    - Michael Delany: I guess you could say I sold my soul.
    - Carlos: I see a lot of that.”

    Bill Maher - Carlos
    Jerry O'Connell - Michael Delany
    [Tag:money, soul]
  • “- Jill: You don't respect books.
    - Michael Delany: I love books.
    - Jill: You break their bindings, and you doodle in their margins.”

    Heather Stephens - Jill
    Jerry O'Connell - Michael Delany
    [Tag:books, respect]
  • “Don't worry buddy, you're at the Hard Rock. I mean this place rocks... hard.”
    Horatio Sanz - Steve