15 Movie Quotes about War

15 Movie Quotes about War

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Violence is never a solution
War is horror, and there is no denying in this. The consequences of warfare for countries and their populations are considerably complex and sometimes catastrophic, from political stability to public health, often they continue long after the war ends causing long-term physical and psychological harm and traumas to children and adults. That's why it is important to have a greater understanding of conflicts and all the problems that arise with them, to come up with effective, peaceful strategies.

From the TV Series: Game of Thrones

“Explain to me why it is more noble to kill 10,000 men in battle than a dozen at dinner.”

Charles Dance - Tywin Lannister

From the movie: Mudbound

“Men that died that day... they were husbands, fathers. They were good men. A lot better than me.”

Garrett Hedlund - Jamie McAllan

From the movie: The War with Grandpa

“War is no game, Peter. Only kids and fools and generals think that. War hurts and kills and is misery.”

Robert De Niro - Ed

From the movie: The War with Grandpa

“You don’t go to war with family.”

Robert De Niro - Ed

From the movie: Mulan

“Mulan-It’s beautiful.
Zhou-Beautiful tool, for terrible work.”

referring to the sword

Yifei Liu - Mulan
Tzi Ma - Zhou

From the movie: Mr. Jones

“War begins in the minds of men.”

James Norton - Gareth Jones

From the TV Series: New Girl

“‘Eye of the Tiger’ is the greatest song ever written. It’s so cool, it ended the Cold War!”

Lamorne Morris - Winston Bishop

From the movie: North by Northwest

“War is hell, Mr. Thornhill, even when it's a cold one.”

Leo G. Carroll - The Professor

From the movie: War Machine

“This is a war. But it's a war that cannot be won by the virtues of our unassailable military might and power alone. This war will be won primarily with the unassailable might and power of our ideals.”

Brad Pitt - Glen McMahon

From the movie: War Machine

“You could argue that the main reason certain generals like war so much is, well, because only in war that they feel truly relevant. It's only in war that they feel close to the center of power. Only in war do they feel the warm glow of other people's attention.”

Scoot McNairy - Sean Cullen

From the movie: Midway

“Pearl Harbor is the greatest intelligence failure in American history.”

Patrick Wilson - Edwin Layton

From the movie: The King

“War is bloody and soulless.”

Joel Edgerton - Falstaff

From the movie: Alita: Battle Angel

“- Alita: What’s outside the city?
- Hugo: Not much. The war wiped out all the utilities and most everything else.”

Rosa Salazar - Alita
Keean Johnson - Hugo

From the movie: A Private War

“War is the quiet bravery of civilians who will endure far more than I ever will, of those asked to fight and those who are just trying to survive. Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, traumatized families, bereft and inconsolable.”

Rosamund Pike - Marie Colvin

From the movie: A Private War

“War is not so terrible for governments, for they are not wounded or killed like ordinary people.”

Rosamund Pike - Marie Colvin

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