“Angel Has Fallen” quotes

Movie Angel Has Fallen
Title Angel Has Fallen
Year 2019
Director Ric Roman Waugh
Genre Thriller, Action
Plot – Mike Banning, a secret service agent, is accused of plotting the murder of the President of the United States. Wanted by his own agency and the FBI, Banning will race against time to defend his reputation and uncover the real terrorist theat.
All actors – Gerard Butler, Frederick Schmidt, Danny Huston, Rocci Williams, Piper Perabo, Harry Ditson, Linda John-Pierre, Ori Pfeffer, Morgan Freeman, Jasmine Hyde, Ian Porter, Laurel Lefkow, Michael Landes, Mark Arnold, Kerry Shale, Tim Blake Nelson, John Strong, Mark Basnight, Jessica Cobley, Maisie Cobley, James Grogan, Stuart McQuarrie, Katya Bakat, Jada Pinkett Smith, Joseph Millson, Sapir Azulay
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