“Barbarians at the Gate” quotes

Movie Barbarians at the Gate
Title Barbarians at the Gate
Year 1993
Director Glenn Jordan
Genre Drama, Comedy, Biography
All actors – James Garner, Jonathan Pryce, Peter Riegert, Joanna Cassidy, Fred Dalton Thompson, Leilani Sarelle, Matt Clark, Jeffrey DeMunn, David Rasche, Tom Aldredge, Graham Beckel, Peter Dvorsky
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  • “- F. Ross Johnson: We put enough technology in this project to send a cigarette to the moon and we come up with one that tastes like it took a dump?
    - Edward A. Horrigan Jr.: We haven't even talked about the smell.
    - F. Ross Johnson: Oh what did they say that was like? A fart?
    - Edward A. Horrigan Jr.: Yep.”

    James Garner - F. Ross Johnson
    Matt Clark - Edward A. Horrigan Jr.
  • “It's not the company. It's the credibility. My credibility. I can't just sit on the bench and let other people play the game. Not my game. Not with their rules.”

    Jonathan Pryce - Henry Kravis
  • “- 1st Scientist: Of all the people we surveyed the results were just about uniform.
    - F. Ross Johnson: Uh huh.
    - Edward A. Horrigan Jr.: They all said they tasted like shit.
    - F. Ross Johnson: Like shit?
    - 2nd Scientist: Shit was the consensus, yes sir.”

    Dean Norris - 1st Scientist
    James Garner - F. Ross Johnson
    Matt Clark - Edward A. Horrigan Jr.
    Eric Poppick - 2nd Scientist
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  • “All I want from bankers is a new calendar every year and all I care about lawyers is they're back in their coffins before the sun comes up.”
    James Garner - F. Ross Johnson
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