“The Madness of King George” quotes

Movie The Madness of King George
Title The Madness of King George
Year 1994
Director Nicholas Hytner
Genre Drama, History, Comedy, Biography
Plot – George III, King of England, begins to show signs of mental imbalance and his eldest son, the Prince of Wales, plans to depose him. Minister Pitt consults doctor Willis and he takes the king at his clinic in the countryside submitting him to a strict diet. Anyway the King's disease protracts and his supporters decrease, until Queen Charlotte talks with him and he starts improving. He goes back to the Parliament in time for the elections and he's acclaimed.
All actors – Rupert Graves, Helen Mirren, Amanda Donohoe, Charlotte Curley, Peter Bride-Kirk, Eve Camden, Thomas Copeland, Joanna Hall, Cassandra Halliburton, Russell Martin, Natalie Palys, Rupert Everett
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  • “Six hours of sleep is enough for a man, seven for a woman, and eight for a fool.”
    Nigel Hawthorne - George III
    [Tag:madness, sleeping]
  • “- George III: Good evening, Mrs. King.
    - Queen Charlotte: Good evening, Mr. King.”

    Nigel Hawthorne - George III
    Helen Mirren - Queen Charlotte
    [Tag:king, royalty]
  • “- Thurlow: Your Majesty seems more yourself.
    - George III: Do I? Yes, I do. I've always been myself, even when I was ill. Only now I seem myself. And that's the important thing. I have remembered how to seem.”

    John Wood - Thurlow
    Nigel Hawthorne - George III
  • “No life is without its regrets yet none is without its consolations.”
    Nigel Hawthorne - George III
    [Tag:life, regret, sorrow]
  • “You'll have to speak up, I don't see very well.”

    Nigel Hawthorne - George III
  • “To be kind does not commend you to kings. They see it, as they see any flow of feeling, as a liberty. A blind eye will serve you better.”
    Anthony Calf - Fitzroy
  • “It takes character to withstand the rigours of indolence.”
    John Wood - Thurlow
  • “- George III: What of the colonies, Mr. Pitt?
    - Pitt: America is now a nation, sir.
    - George III: Is it? Well. We must try and get used to it. I have known stranger things. I once saw a sheep with five legs...”

    Nigel Hawthorne - George III
    Julian Wadham - Pitt
  • “- Fox: You see that the King did not write his own speech, Mr. Pitt.
    - Pitt: The King will do as he's told, Mr. Fox.
    - Fox: Then why not be rid of him? If a few ramshackle colonists in America can send him packing, why can't we?”

    Jim Carter - Fox
    Julian Wadham - Pitt
  • “- Willis: I have You in my eye, sir. And I shall keep You in my eye until You learn to behave and do as You're told.
    - George III: I am the King. I tell, I am not told. I am the verb, sir, not the object.”

    Sir Ian Holm - Willis
    Nigel Hawthorne - George III
  • “We consider ourselves blessed in our Constitution. We tell ourselves our Parliament is the envy of the world. But we live in the health and well-being of the sovereign as much as any vizier does the Sultan.”
    Julian Wadham - Pitt
  • “- Dr. Willis: If the King refuses food, He will be restrained. If He claims to have no appetite, He will be restrained. If He swears and indulges in meaninglessdiscourse... He will be restrained. If He throws off his bed-clothes, tears away His bandages, scratches at His sores, and if He does not strive every day and always towards His own...” (continue)(continue reading)
    Sir Ian Holm - Willis
    Nigel Hawthorne - George III
  • “I've had no peace of mind since we lost America. Forests, old as the world itself... meadows... plains... strange delicate flowers... immense solitudes... and all nature new to art... all ours... Mine. Gone. A paradise... lost.”
    Nigel Hawthorne - George III
  • “When will you get it into your head that one can produce a copious, regular and exquisitely turned evacuation every day of the week and still be a stranger to reason.”
    Geoffrey Palmer - Warren
    [Tag:madness, talking]
  • “- Fox: Do you enjoy all this flummery, Mr. Pitt?
    - Pitt: No, Mr. Fox.
    - Fox: Do you enjoy anything, Mr. Pitt?
    - Pitt: A balance sheet, Mr. Fox. I enjoy a good balance sheet.”

    Jim Carter - Fox
    Julian Wadham - Pitt
  • “To be Prince of Wales is not a position - it is a predicament.”
    Rupert Everett - Prince of Wales