“The Madness of King George” quotes

Movie The Madness of King George
Title The Madness of King George
Year 1994
Director Nicholas Hytner
Genre Drama, History, Comedy, Biography
Plot – George III, King of England, begins to show signs of mental imbalance and his eldest son, the Prince of Wales, plans to depose him. Minister Pitt consults doctor Willis and he takes the king at his clinic in the countryside submitting him to a strict diet. Anyway the King's disease protracts and his supporters decrease, until Queen Charlotte talks with him and he starts improving. He goes back to the Parliament in time for the elections and he's acclaimed.
All actors – Rupert Graves, Helen Mirren, Amanda Donohoe, Charlotte Curley, Peter Bride-Kirk, Eve Camden, Thomas Copeland, Joanna Hall, Cassandra Halliburton, Russell Martin, Natalie Palys, Rupert Everett
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