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Movie Kickboxer
Title Kickboxer
Year 1989
Directors Mark DiSalle, David Worth
Genre Thriller, Sport, Action
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Plot – In America, Eric Sloane has no rival in kickboxing, so he decides to travel to Bangkok with his brother-manager Kurt to find a worthy opponent: Tong Po is the right guy, a little exalted thug, protected by an unscrupulous local boss, Freddy Li. Unfortunately the local champion is too strong for Eric and despite Kurt wants him to retire, Tong Po pounces on him with a deadly blow on the back that paralyzes him forever. Kurt is furious and wants to punish the boxer, but at the moment he's absolutely inadequate to defeat Tong Po. Taylor, an American who leads an arms trade, leads him to Xian, one of the best masters in Thai boxing. The man is at first uncertain, then he agrees to prepare Kurt to the great match. The training and discipline are tough, then Kurt meets Xian's niece, My Lee, a very pretty girl. Xian makes sure to arrange a match with Freddy Li between Kurt and a local boxer and the American wins earning the esteem of the local public. Freddy Li understands that Kurt could embarrass Tong Po, so the boss attacks My Lee and makes the Thai champion rape her, kidnapping Eric too. On the eve of the match with Tong Po, Kurt is shaken by the events, unfocused and nervous. The competition requires the hands to be bandaged with ropes and sharp glasses. Tong Po at first seems to get the better of Kurt, who doesn't react as Xian taught him. My Lee is desperate too because Xian has disappeared to free Eric. He will succeed with Taylor's help and together they kill all Freddy Li henchmen. Eric gets released and attends the match between Kurt and Tong Po: his presence gives new strength to the fighter who pounces on the Thai boxer reducing him to a puppet, incapable of defending himself.
All actors – Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dennis Alexio, Dennis Chan, Michel Qissi, Haskell V. Anderson III, Rochelle Ashana, Ka Ting Lee, Richard Foo, Ricky Liu, Ho Ying Sin, Tony Chan, Brad Kerner, Dean Harrington, Mark DiSalle, Richard Santoro, Louis Roth, Nickolas James, John Ladalski, Mathew Cheung, Ali Tang, Kalee Wan, Amanda Chan, Phoebe Chow, Yuk-Mui Yeung, Irene Choi, Wong Wing Shun, Wai Cheung, Andy Lee, Yung Chi Chung, Joann Wong, Ming-yang Li, Africa Chu, Te-Lo Mai, Wang Tak Keung, Kong Long, Lee Hung, Bruce Law, Leung Hoi Lun, Wah Cheung, Sing-Kwong Tsang, Ho Kai Yue, Zennie Reynolds, Montri Vongbutr, Amnart Komolthorn, Pairat Lavilard, Kanthima Vutti, Ithikrai Maitriwong, Yai Sae-Ear, Saifar, Tubin, Payakdum, Praiwan Jr., Pichitchai Shuamongkol, Chanont Sri-Anont, Ong Soo Han, Priwan Sriharajmontri, Keith E. Lane, Chia Yung Liu
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