“Gladiator” quotes

Movie Gladiator
Title Gladiator
Year 1992
Director Rowdy Herrington
Genre Drama, Sport, Action
Interpreted by
Plot – Tommy Riley has moved with his father in a seedy area of Chicago because of the man's gambling debts and he has to deal daily with any kind of violence. In his previous school he was a boxing champion, so he uses his ability in the streets soon. His father's creditors threaten them, so Tommy decides to participate to illegal boxing matches, but before he can get out of the business, he experiences a violent, oppressive and cynic environment.
All actors – James Marshall, Richard Lexsee, T.E. Russell, Cuba Gooding Jr., Tab Baker, Dwain A. Perry, Joan Schwenk, Raul Salinas, Marctwaine Nettles-Bey, Derek Anunciation, Cara Buono, Francesca P. Roberts
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