“Chuck & Buck” quotes

Movie Chuck & Buck
Title Chuck & Buck
Year 2000
Director Miguel Arteta
Genre Drama, Comedy
Interpreted by
All actors – Mike White, Chris Weitz, Lupe Ontiveros, Beth Colt, Paul Weitz, Maya Rudolph, Mary Wigmore, Paul Sand, Gino Buccola, Annette Murphy, Glory Simon, Douglas Kieffer
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  • “- Beverly Franco: How can I help you?
    - Buck O'Brien: Um, do you put on plays here, and people come and see 'em?
    - Beverly Franco: Well, this is a theater.”

    Lupe Ontiveros - Beverly Franco
    Mike White - Buck O'Brien
  • “We could play that game where I stick my dick in your mouth, and you stick your dick in mine... Chuck & Buck, Suck & Fuck!”

    Mike White - Buck O'Brien
    [Tag:game, sex]
  • - Sam: Would we be playing it like little kids like... like "La-la-la. I'm a little kid?".
    - Beverly Franco: Well, you wouldn't be playing it like a little retarded kid but yes, you would be acting youthful.

    Paul Weitz - Sam
    Lupe Ontiveros - Beverly Franco
    [Tag:acting, children]
  • “- Beverly Franco: About the script... I see it as a love story between Hank and Frank.
    - Buck O'Brien: You do?
    - Beverly Franco: Yeah. Don't you? It's like a homoerotic misogynistic love story.
    - Buck O'Brien: Oh. Well, it is what it is. I don't know. I mean, I wanted to write something like... like the kind of things me and my friend used to do.”

    Lupe Ontiveros - Beverly Franco
    Mike White - Buck O'Brien
  • I wonder what her twat looks like. You ever wonder that? 'Cause sometimes she'll be talkin' to me and all I can think is "What's your twat look like? Why don't you show it to me you fuckin' bitch?". Yeah, I'm twisted. I got problems. I know I do.
    Paul Weitz - Sam
    [Tag:genitalia, wonder]
  • “- Jolie: What do you do in L.A., Buck?
    - Buck O'Brien: Nothing.
    - Jolie: I know a lot of people who have that job. It's one of the better jobs you can have. I bet you're very good at it.”

    Meredith Tucker - Jolie
    Mike White - Buck O'Brien
    [Tag:job, leisure]