“Curly Sue” quotes

Movie Curly Sue
John Hughes directed this movie in 1991
Title Curly Sue
Year 1991
Director John Hughes
Genre Drama, Comedy, Romance, Family
Plot – Bill Dancer is a forty-year-old quirky tramp who lives with little orphan Curly Sue through ingenious gimmicks. They fake a car accident with Grey Allison, a wealthy Chicago lawyer, and they manage to be hosted at her's. Her boyfriend Walker McCormick tries to persuade her to expel the intruders, but the woman likes the child more and more and is fascinated by Bill too, who likes her in turn and he's determined to find a honest job to stay with her. Disappointed and angry, McCormick reports Bill to the police to be the illegal child's guardian. He's arrested and Curly is taken to an institution for orphans. Grey pays Bill's fee and with a ploy obtains Curly's custody. Bill, Grey and Curly can now form a real family.
All actors – Jim Belushi, Kelly Lynch, Alisan Porter, John Getz, Fred Dalton Thompson, Cameron Thor, Branscombe Richmond, Steve Carell, Gail Boggs, Burke Byrnes, Viveka Davis, Barbara Tarbuck
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