“In the Army Now” quotes

Movie In the Army Now
Title In the Army Now
Year 1994
Director Daniel Petrie Jr.
Genre Comedy, War
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Plot – Bones Conway is definitely not a good soldier. He has joined the National Reserve to get all the benefits that it entails, such as room and board and a fixed salary. Things get complicated when he triggers a Red Alert.
All actors – Pauly Shore, Andy Dick, Lori Petty, David Alan Grier, Esai Morales, Lynn Whitfield, Art LaFleur, Fabiana Udenio, Glenn Morshower, Beau Billingslea, Peter Spellos, Barry Nolan
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  • “- Sgt. Ladd: Drop down and give me twenty!
    - Bones Conway: Here. Take the whole wallet.”

    Lynn Whitfield - Sgt. Ladd
    Pauly Shore - Bones Conway
    [Tag:army, punishment]
  • “I've seen lots of camel toes before, but never on a camel!”
    Pauly Shore - Bones Conway
    [Tag:animals, desert]
  • “- 1st Sgt. Brandon T. Williams: Don't you know that I'm your First Seargeant?
    - Bones Conway: I really wish you were my First Sergeant, but I already had a couple ones already.”

    Art LaFleur - 1st Sgt. Brandon T. Williams
    Pauly Shore - Bones Conway
  • - Bones Conway: "It’s not a job, it's an adventure”.
    - Richard Day, Recruiting Sergeant: No, that's the Navy.
    - Bones Conway: "The few and the proud”?
    - Richard Day, Recruiting Sergeant: No, that's the Marines.
    - Bones Conway: "Keep going, going and gone”?
    - Jack Kaufman: No, that's the Energizer Bunny.
    - Richard Day, Recruiting Sergeant:... (continue)
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    Pauly Shore - Bones Conway
    Glenn Morshower - Richard Day, Recruiting Sergeant
    Andy Dick - Jack Kaufman
    [Tag:army, mottoes]
  • Dad, why can't I go to ballet class? Teacher said I'm a natural.”

    Esai Morales - Sgt. Stern
    [Tag:dancing, drugs, memory]