“Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages” quotes

Movie Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages
Title Intolerance: Love's Struggle Throughout the Ages
Year 1916
Director D.W. Griffith
Genre Drama, History
Interpreted by
All actors – Lillian Gish, Mae Marsh, Robert Harron, F.A. Turner, Sam De Grasse, Vera Lewis, Mary Alden, Eleanor Washington, Pearl Elmore, Lucille Browne, Julia Mackley, Miriam Cooper
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  • “You lice! You rats! You refuse me? There is no gentler dove in all Babylon than I.”
    Constance Talmadge - Marguerite de Navarre / The Mountain Girl
    [Tag:anger, rejection]
  • “The fragrant mystery of your body is greater than the mystery of life.”

    Alfred Paget - Prince Belshazzar
    [Tag:body, desire]
  • “Any man will be happy with this sweet wild rose - this gentle dove.”
    Martin Landry - Auctioneer at the Marriage Market
  • “Our marriage will be announced tomorrow. This bud will blossom tomorrow.”

    Alfred Paget - Prince Belshazzar
  • “- Catherine de Médici: Such a fine man, Admiral Coligny. If only he thought as we do.
    - L'amiral de Coligny: Such a wonderful king. If only he thought as we do.”

    Josephine Crowell - Catherine de Médici
    Joseph Henabery - L'amiral de Coligny
    [Tag:king, opinions]
  • “- The Mountain Girl: Oh, lord of lords! Oh, king of kings! Oh, masu! Oh, scorching sun of the mid-day, these bugs will not buy me for a wife! I dwell in sorrow.
    - Prince Belshazzar: This seal gives you freedom to marry or not to marry - to be consecrated to the goddess of love or not as thou choosest.”

    Constance Talmadge - The Mountain Girl
    Alfred Paget - Prince Belshazzar
  • “My Lord, like white pearls I shall keep my tears in an ark of silver for your return. I bite my thumb! I strike my girdle! If you return not, I go to the death halls of Allat.”

    Seena Owen - The Princess Beloved
    [Tag:love, sorrow, waiting]
  • “Touch my skirt and I'll scratch your eyes out!”
    Constance Talmadge - Marguerite de Navarre / The Mountain Girl
  • “I'll walk like her and maybe everyone will like me too.”
    Mae Marsh - The Dear One
  • “Ishtar, goddess of love, seven times seven I bow to thee. Let her enjoy this kiss.”
    Elmer Clifton - The Rhapsode
    [Tag:kiss, prayer]