“Jimmy Hollywood” quotes

Movie Jimmy Hollywood
Title Jimmy Hollywood
Year 1994
Director Barry Levinson
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime
All actors – Joe Pesci, Christian Slater, Victoria Abril, Jason Beghe, John Cothran, Hal Fishman, Jerry Dunphy, Andrea Kutyas, Kerry Kilbride, Paula López, Paul Dean Jackson, Joe Avellar
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  • “- William: You know what I could never figure out about the Mummy? The Mummy used to walk with one arm out and a leg draggin' behind him, but he was still always able get his victim. I'm thinkin' as a kid, I was pretty fast, I'd just, ya know, put some moves on the Mummy and the Mummy, he'd never get me.
    - Jimmy Alto: This is what you're...” (continue)
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    Christian Slater - William
    Joe Pesci - Jimmy Alto
  • “- Harrison Ford: Is this a principal role? I mean, 'cause, I came here for a principal role! They said it was a principal role.
    - Woman: Well, this is what we're casting today.
    - Harrison Ford: This is two lines. I'm not doin' two lines. I didn't come here for two lines. I was told this was a principal role!”

    Harrison Ford - Himself