“The Two Jakes” quotes

Movie The Two Jakes
Jack Nicholson directed this movie in 1990
Title The Two Jakes
Year 1990
Director Jack Nicholson
Genre Drama, Comedy, Crime, Mystery
Plot – Jake Gittes is a private detective tasked by Jake Berman to follow secretly his wife as he suspects her of infidelity. Gittes captures the woman while she meets Mark Bodine and photographes them just before Berman shoots the rival. Gittes also discovers that Berman and Bodine were rivals in a shady deal too and that Berman's wife is the daughter of Catherine Mulrway, an old flame of his. Gittes' investigation will soon turn out to be a drama.
All actors – Jack Nicholson, Harvey Keitel, Meg Tilly, Madeleine Stowe, Eli Wallach, Rubén Blades, Frederic Forrest, David Keith, Richard Farnsworth, Tracey Walter, Joe Mantell, James Hong, Perry Lopez, Jeff Morris, Rebecca Broussard, Paul A. DiCocco Jr., John Hackett, Rosie Vela, Allan Warnick, Susan Forristal, Will Tynan, Parks Van Dyke, William Duffy, Sue Carlton, Don McGovern, Luana Anders, Dean Hill, Pia Grønning, John Herman Shaner, Michael Shaner, Lee Weaver, Malek Abdul-Mansour, Kenneth Cervi, Annie Marshall, Ian Thorpe, Collette Northrop, Patricia Durham, Randi Ingerman, Joy Wayman, Bob George, Suzanne Mitchell, Alan Chaffin, Wyn Costello, Lisa Croisette, Jessica Z. Diamond, Scott Flynn, Benard Ihgner, Earl Palmer, Simeon Pillich, Herman Riley, Faye Dunaway, Paulie DiCocco, James Ent, Jeffery Thomas Johnson, Moreen Littrell, Meredith McKenzie-Alcus, Tereza Rizzardi, Tom Waits
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