“Lily and Jim” quotes

Movie Lily and Jim
Title Lily and Jim
Year 1997
Director Don Hertzfeldt
Genre Comedy, Romance, Animation, Short
All actors – Robert May, Karin Anger
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  • “Relationships are a lot like those little packets of condiments you get at fast-food restaurants. They're these little magical things that can last forever on a shelf, but once you open them up, they go bad really fast. I just don't understand condiments.”
    Robert May - Jim
  • “Remember how in first grade, little boys would chase little girls around the playground, but whenever they'd catch one, they'd get all confused and embarassed and wouldn't know what to do with them? That's... basically my love life.”
    Karin Anger - Lily
    Robert May - Jim
  • “- Lily: Do you drink coffee?
    - Jim: No, not really.
    - Lily: Because I thought maybe we could go back to my apartment for some coffee or something.
    - Jim: I would love some coffee.”

    Karin Anger - Lily
    Robert May - Jim
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